A Christmas Tree for the Birds


Birds Christmas Tree ~ 3x5 back ~ lilac-n-lavender

Today we took Christmas outside and decorated a tree for the birds and woodland critters to enjoy. Not only will it be their Christmas tree but also their Christmas feast.

This is a tradition we started when the kids were young and we lived in the apartment next door to Toby’s parents. One evening near Christmas we would make birdseed ornaments, string popcorn and cranberries, hang suet and birdseed bells for the birds to enjoy. We would decorate the tree outside my in-laws’ kitchen window, thus turning it into a treat for the birds but also the bird watchers.

IMG_8496 (2)

Since then we have some years we decorate a Christmas tree for the forest animals, and some years we don’t, depending on how quickly the month gets away from us. This year the kids expressed a desire to make time for this sweet tradition.

The kids chose a tree that grows beside  Brownie’s grave. It seemed a fitting way to honor her and all the other animal friends we have loved over the years.


The kids enjoyed getting messy with peanut butter and birdseed and it didn’t take long until we were ready to go out and trim the tree.

IMG_8504 (2)IMG_8509 (2)IMG_8499 (2)

The weather continues to look and feel like fall with, 60 degree temperatures, so I had kids out trimming the forest tree in bare feet and short sleeves. This weather is crazy!

IMG_8513 (2)

When they were done they stepped back to admire their work and waited expectantly for the first feathered visitor to land. After waiting and seeing no sign of birds, squirrels, or deer, I suggested they perhaps… just maybe… might be waiting for our noisy crew to exit the scene. I suspect the noise and movement created by a certain little boy and two noisy dogs might be making our Christmas tree feast look more like a dysfunctional family supper.

IMG_8516 (2)

So we took our leave and said good-bye and Merry Christmas to the critters watching us from the safety of the branches high above our heads. Feast well, little friends, may your Christmas be Merry and Bright!


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