Christmas Recital


IMG_8492 (2)

 I can’t believe it is now the night before, the night before, Christmas. I am not sure where December went and while I’d love an extra week to accomplish those Christmas tasks that I haven’t found time for, I am resigning myself to the fact that Christmas has arrived and “it is what it is.!”

The kids are buzzing with excitement and energy as everyone goes about the last of their Christmas preparations. There is a lot of secretive running about as the kids wrap gifts they have made and as they sneakily work to prepare a musical number to perform for the adults on Christmas Eve.

I too have spent the day in preparation for leaving in the morning to spend Christmas at the Homestead. Stocking stuffers have been sorted, bags have been packed, and cookies are baking as the little boys watch The Santa Clause on TV.

Tonight we will have our family celebration with just our kids. We will exchange gifts among siblings and the kids with give the parents the gifts they have made or bought. We will sit around the glowing tree in the dark and read the Christmas story, and then we will open our new Christmas ornaments and after some oooing and awwing, will hang them on the tree.

Then Toby will stay up half the night wrapping the gifts he just purchased today, while I am locked away in our bedroom watching White Christmas…

it’s a tradition! 😉

Yesterday was our last “running sort of day” before the holiday break. We had school in the morning and then some shopping, a bridal shower, and a Christmas piano recital later in the day.

IMG_8475 (2)

The kids have spent the last month working on Christmas pieces for their recital which was held in their piano teacher’s home. In addition to my four kids that take lessons she also has three other students.

IMG_8482 (2)

Her piano room was set up for the performance and all the kids did a wonderful job performing for each other and the families.

IMG_8486 (2)

IMG_8477 (2)

In addition to their solos my kids also had a musical piece that involved all of them. Their teacher found a Christmas number that had three piano parts for the three older kids and then had Ozzie play the bells and even included Tyler by having him play the triangle.


At the end of the recital everyone received their new  music pieces to work on for January and a plate of Christmas cookies from their teacher.

IMG_8490 (2)

IMG_8493 (2)

Grace had a gift for her teacher as well. She had painted an oil painting of a Christmas scene for her teacher.

IMG_8474 (2)

It was a wonderful way to end our month of “holiday running.” Now my favorite part of Christmas begins…time home with family.

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