May the Force be with You



Well, I think we are officially the last people on the face of the earth to see the new Star Wars movie, but boy was it worth the wait!

On Monday we told the kids we had a fun evening planned for Family Night. All day long the kids were prying me with questions in hope that I might let the surprise slip. They are wily kids and they almost got me a few times, but I managed to keep it a secret until dinner time.

I told them we had a clue that would reveal our plans for the evening. Earlier in the week I discovered a Star Wars puzzle at “Five Below,” a discount store in our area.  It was actually three different puzzles that were sold as a pack and when assembled could connect to each other to form one large puzzle.

IMG_9382 (2)

The kids were split into pairs and each given a bag of puzzle pieces. Then the race began to see who would complete their puzzle first. It wasn’t long before the assembled puzzle pieces gave away the surprise, but the kids continued building so they could see the completed puzzle.

IMG_9396 (2)

Once their suspicions were confirmed I told them they had 15 minutes to get ready before we headed to the movie theater to watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I handed out Dollar Store props for the occasion and the boys grabbed their light sabers.

IMG_9392 (2)

IMG_9400 (2)

The movie theater near us offers discounted movies on Monday nights and with every ticket purchased they include a free popcorn. What a deal!

IMG_9406 (2)

The kids were doubly thrilled when Toby surprised them and bought tickets to the 3D showing of the movie, a rare treat, but one Toby thought was worthwhile for this movie.

IMG_9405 (2)

It was a hit!

Not only for the Star Wars loving members of our family,

but also for this Momma (who, while favors the classic Star Wars movies, isn’t a huge fan of the three more recent movies.) This one felt like a classic. I loved the reintroduction of original characters as well as the newly introduced characters. It held the magic I fondly remember from my childhood viewing of the original Star Wars movies. It was a delightful evening and fun night with family!

Chewbacca summed up our night when he said:


May the Force be with you All!

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