Celebrating Christmas with Aunt Beth


Christmas just keeps on going!

Saturday evening was spent celebrating Christmas with Aunt Beth. I was feeling lousy and so Toby tucked me into bed to sleep while he took the five kids to Aunt Beth’s house to exchange Christmas gifts and catch up.  They had a wonderful time at Aunt Beth’s house visiting with Beth and her friend, Teresa, playing with her cats and dogs, and exchanging gifts.

IMG_9491 (2)

IMG_9495 (2)

Grace painted Aunt Beth a picture for her home. She went with a beach scene knowing how much Beth loves the ocean.

IMG_9509 (2)

Beth spoiled the kids! The girls received gift cards from Kohl’s and Rusty and Tyler received gift cards from Game Stop, a video game store. Ozzie received a electronic/interactive atlas of facts. It was a PERFECT gift for Ozzie and he was thrilled!!

IMG_9499 (2)

IMG_9516 (2)

After a nice visit Toby lovingly agreed to make some stops on the way home so the kids could use their gift cards. The kids were so excited to use their generous gift cards from Aunt Beth.

First stop was Kohl’s where the girls had fun buying some new tops.

IMG_9512 (2)

Then Game Stop where Rusty and Tyler bought some new games for the Wii and DS.

IMG_9514 (2)

All the kids came home excited to show me what they received from Aunt Beth.

Thank you Aunt Beth!

It was a magical end to our Christmas celebrations.

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