“RV there yet?”



Monday night we did something new and unusual for family night. The RV show was going on in Pittsburgh this week and it just so happens that on Monday the cost was significantly less, due to the “buy one get one” deal on admission tickets, so we decided to take a trip to the city to do some summer dreaming and gather inspiration.

IMG_9532 (2)

We are  the process of converting a used school bus we purchased last summer into an RV for our family. Much of the gutting and prepping projects are done, including floors and walls, and we are nearing that critical juncture where detail decisions must be made. Toby is custom building most of the interior and as a result we have the opportunity to really consider what we want and what would best work for our family.

The first big adventure we will be taking with our “schoolbus turned RV” will be in June when we head out on a three week loop out west to visit many of our country’s national parks. Everyone is getting excited by this once in a lifetime trip, but I think Toby is starting to feel the pressure a bit as he considers all that must be done to our bus to make it a “home on wheels” by summertime.

We decided that a trip to the RV show would be a great way to check out different design ideas and walk through different lay-outs to see what ideas we might want to incorporate into our design. We especially were on the lookout  for creative storage solutions, with space being at a premium in our school bus home. 🙂

IMG_9538 (2)

The kids were excited at the prospect of an evening in Pittsburgh. The convention center where it was being held is a neat building to visit. Add to the experience a hundred RVs to walk through and explore and our information gathering evening turned into an adventure!

IMG_9598 (2)

We had the opportunity to walk through RVs of every size, cost, and design imaginable, from RVs far more luxurious than our own home to small one-person RVs that could fit in our front closet.

IMG_9543 (2)

The kids loved the feeling of “playing house” as they walked through these staged RVs for sale.


Tyler was especially enamored. We didn’t expect that it would be Tyler who would love the experience the most, but he was blown away by all that could exist within an RV. He walked through every one of them, opening every cupboard, fridge, and closet and then casting his vote as to whether we should purchase it or not.

IMG_9573 (2)

He finally found the one he wanted to buy. It was the one with leather recliners and a large screen TV playing the Steeler game. 🙂

IMG_9566 (2)

Molly was our note taker. As we walked through RV after RV we pointed out features we saw that we thought would work well in our bus conversion and she took notes.

IMG_9559 (2)

We left feeling inspired, excited, and perhaps a bit overwhelmed. We have a big project ahead of us,

but what a fun, memory making experience it will be for our kids and our family as a whole.

IMG_9547 (2)

T minus six months and counting!


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  1. I can hardly wait to see your “rv” and to hear what you name it….hope it’s something more picturesque than “big old rolling turd” and if you haven’t seen the movie RV…you have to before you head out West….no matter what happens…nothing will be as bad as what happens on the BORT Trip!!!! We are hoping that you scheduled Zion National Park into your itinerary. It is 50 mins from our house and we know the Park well. We have three guest rooms, tons of floor room and lots of room for the “RV” to park. If you have not scheduled Zion, I suggest you do so. It is world renown….any time you visit you will encounter visitors from all over Europe, Asia, and the Near and Middle East. It is truly breathtaking and we would love to visit it with you. Also Arches in Moab is an experience not to miss and we could travel there with you. Delicate Arch and a tour of The Furnace are experiences you will never forget. Call me and let’s talk about adventures in Utah!…Oh and Vegas is only 2 hours away!!!!! Aunt Kathryn Date: Thu, 14 Jan 2016 01:16:08 +0000 To: katewashere@live.com

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