The End of a Quarter


Tuesday at 4:00pm marked the end of 2nd quarter for my three oldest children. Their last few days of the quarter were spent working long hours to complete the last of their final exams, papers, and resubmit assignments that they needed to raise their grade on in hopes of ending the quarter with all A’s.

As I watched the big kids hustle it gave me great satisfaction to see how far they have come from those early years of hand-holding our way through assignments together to the independent students they are today. They all managed to reach their goals of all A’s in their classes but I found it comical to see the difference in their personalities shine forth as I watched the paths they each took to get there, so reflective of their personalities and temperaments.

I have one child who will work until all hours of the night to make sure those A’s are secured long before the Tuesday 4:00 pm deadline and will fret until the grade book reflects their success. I have one child who, despite the struggle with achieving those A’s, refuses to accept anything short of a “high A” and will continue working even after they’ve reached the points needed to earn an A. Then I have one child who is quite content with meeting the minimal requirements set forth and once they’ve reached the goal of 450 points (An A is 450-500 points) declare themselves done. As far as they are concerned the goal has been met. Why stress over the additional points. 🙂

So Funny.

Three different kids with three different approaches to school (and life.) As a mom I watch them work towards the same goal and gain insight into their individual strengths and struggles, as well as the character issues we need to address individually. 🙂

4:00pm came and there was much celebration at Patchwork Farm. There were sighs of relief that the sprint at the end of the quarter had come to a close and now it was time to celebrate!

The three big kids were celebrating the end of the quarter with their co-op friends who also attend 21CCCS. Rusty was invited to his friend Lucas’s house to sleep over and play hours of mindless video games in celebration of the end of a mind-crunching quarter.

The girls were invited to the McCready’s home for a slumber party with the other 21CCCS co-op girls. Bags were packed and off we went to drop everyone off.

While the big kids were celebrating their freedom from scholarly pursuits with slumber parties Toby and I had a fun night at home with our two youngest.

Snow has finally come to Western PA and we are finally testing Big Bessie’s skills in the snow. She was found wanting. Our big white van, which we purchased in the summer as a result of our SUV dying, has been an amazing blessing. They extra room and seating has allowed us the opportunity to be a blessing to others in addition to it being helpful for our crew, but we knew winter might bring its own set of challenges and when ice began coating our steep gravel driveway we might begin missing our SUV. That day has come. 🙂 Big Bessie, beautiful gal that she is, is NO GOOD in snow. Our last few days have been spent parking at the end of the driveway and hiking home.


This is exactly what the little boys and I did on Tuesday night. When we arrived home the boys helped me make dinner and then we had fun baking. They made Reese Pie for dessert.

IMG_9609 (2)

It is such a delight when Ozzie and Tyler put aside their past hurts and need for competition and embrace the idea of being each other’s brother. They do this best when it is just the two of them with Momma. They really enjoy each other when they aren’t fighting for the big kids’ attention.

IMG_9610 (2)

We decided to make the night a special treat for them too. Neither of them are ready for sleepovers at friend’s homes so we make it a big deal to have a sleepover together in the living room. Toby rented Hotel Transylvania 2 and we had a fun movie night with the boys and then tucked them in on the couches in the living room for their own “boys’ slumber party.”

IMG_9611 (2)

The next morning we were up early to dress and prepare for co-op. In addition to packing lunches and book bags we had to tackle all the farm chores that normally fall on the big kids’ shoulders of responsibility, but the little boys rose to the challenge and we managed to get all our tasks done, hike back down the driveway with our gear, and pick up the slumber party co-op girls in time for co-op.

At co-op the 21st Century Cyber School kids had a free day. Due to the quarter ending they had school off, so they planned a fun day of movies,visiting, and a “Just Dance” party, while their younger siblings had classes.

IMG_9630 (2)IMG_9628 (2)

It was a fun reward and a fitting celebration for a lot of hard work.

Great job, kiddos!

A perfect ending to quarter 2!

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