Happy Groundhog Day!


February 2nd, my Mom’s favorite day of the year. I never understood her affinity for Groundhog Day until I too became a mother. Now I understand. It is the one holiday we as mothers can look forward to with no guilt or stress. There are no cards to send, no gifts to buy, no special meals or weeks of chaos leading up to it. We simply, from the comfort of our own warm and cozy homes, watch an adorable furry animal come out of his burrow to see his shadow. It is, hands down, the most underrated holiday of the year! 🙂

We made sure we called my Mom to sing, “Happy Groundhog Day to You” in honor of her special day. 🙂

The day began with viewing the bg event at Gobbler’s Knob, online. The kids were thrilled to discover that Spring is on the way.

We decided to save Family Night until Tuesday this week, so we could celebrate Groundhog Day. I found some fun ideas online and had a blast preparing a Groundhog Day lesson and treat.

When Toby arrived home he helped me set up the activity while the kids were kept occupied in the dining room with a Groundhog Day word search.

Around the house Toby and I hid facts about Groundhog Day and groundhogs for the kids to search out during the scavenger hunt we planned. Here are some of the fact sheets. (We hid 35)

IMG_0436 (2)IMG_0439 (2)IMG_0444 (2)IMG_0440 (2)IMG_0423 (2)IMG_0425 (2)IMG_0434 (2)

They each received a booklet of 35 questions and they had to look around the house to find the answers to those questions.

IMG_0432 (2)

We set the timer for 20 minutes. On your mark…get set…Go!

IMG_0457 (2)IMG_0437 (2)

The activity was a hit. Gracie and Tyler worked as a team with Tyler finding the fact sheets and Grace recording the answers.

IMG_0420 (2)

At the end of the activity we discussed what they learned and then ended the evening with a special treat…Groundhog pudding cups.

IMG_0441 (2)IMG_0459 (2)IMG_0462 (2)

Happy Groundhog Day from our whistle pigs to yours.


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