Have an Ice Day!



Saturday evening was the annual ice skating activity for the youth of our church. This is an activity that my kids look forward to every year. Youth from all around the Pittsburgh area come together for a night of free ice skating, dinner, and games. The leadership that put together this event always do a smashing job and it is one of the favorite activities of the year.

This year Ozzie missed attending by a few weeks. (He will be turning 12 in February) He was disappointed but I assured him that he will have many years of ice skating ahead of him.

Rusty invited his friend, Lucas, to join us.

IMG_0334 (2)

The event lasted four hours, beginning with skating…

IMG_0326 (2)IMG_0329 (2)IMG_0330 (2)IMG_0324 (2)

Then everyone came back inside for dinner. Those in charge prepared a dinner of “walking tacos” which was a big hit with the teenagers.

IMG_0341 (2)IMG_0350 (2)

The remainder of the night was set aside for the kids to play board games and socialize with each other.

IMG_0322 (2)IMG_0356 (2)

Everyone left with pink cheeks, sore ankles, and big smiles on their faces.

IMG_0338 (2)

Thank you!

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