Let them eat PIE!


My calling/responsibility at church is to help plan monthly enrichment activities for the women at church. I work with a great committee of women who work to come up with, and execute, monthly activities. Recently we had a new addition called to serve as Relief Society Meeting Coordinator. I am so excited to work with Andrea. She is a lot of fun and brings so many talents to the table. I can’t wait to glean from her cache of creativity.

IMG_0739 (2)

We began our year with a PIE night.

IMG_0496 (2)

It was an opportunity to kick off our year of visiting teaching in a FUN way.

IMG_0509 (2)

I love this cute sign Andrea made for the wall!


We arrived early to decorate and set up for the night.

IMG_0531 (2)

IMG_0477 (2)

The card making corner.

IMG_0493 (2)

Enter a caption

IMG_0500 (2)

Grace painted a Pie painting to add to the decorations. 


Our evening began with a devotional taught by our visiting teaching coordinator, Donna Harn. Using the acronym: P.I.E she talked about the three key parts of effective visiting teaching and fellowshipping.

P= Prayer

I= Inspiration

E= Engineer

IMG_0554 (2)

We then gathered in the gym where different activities were set up for the women to enjoy while we pulled sisters out for individual chats to check in on them and the ladies they visit.

IMG_0712 (2)

In the gym the ladies were able to sit and visit with each other at the cocoa and conversation corner where we had hot cocoa with many fun toppings.

IMG_0481 (2)


At another station we had a few “Pie Face” games set up for some crazy, messy fun.

IMG_0642 (2)IMG_0626 (2)

And finally we had an area set up for the ladies to make homemade cards that they could use to brighten someone else’s day.

IMG_0572 (2)

The cards they could make included:

IMG_0506 (2)IMG_0504 (2)IMG_0502 (2)

We had a great turn-out and it was so nice to see so many ladies there.

At the end of the night we came back together to eat PIE!

IMG_0702 (2)

 The ladies all brought pies. It was a pie lover’s dream with many different fruit and crème pies to sample.

My kids, who were babysitting in the nursery, came in at the end to sneak a piece of pie and try their hand at “Pie Face.” They decided that it needed be added to the family games wish list.

IMG_0723 (2)IMG_0718 (2)IMG_0729 (2)

It was a wonderful night made all the better by many helping hands, familiar and new happy faces, and P*I*E…PIE!

Sweet is the Work!

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