A SUPER week ends with a Super Bowl party


This post is a “catch up” post. We had a full week with lots of things going on, but none big enough to devote an entire post to. The result: a smorgasbord of life events from the past week.


  1. In the Cyber School my three oldest children attend there is an opportunity to be part of school clubs. This is a fun reward that can be enjoyed when school work is completed. There are a variety of clubs available, for every interest you could imagine. Rusty is a member of the Lego Club and Chess Club. My girls have taken part in the Photography Club and Mural Club. These are fun activities that they look forward to. It is a chance to participate in fun activities and socialize with other cyber students. This week was Mural Club. Molly was in a class and couldn’t attend so Grace invited Rusty and I to participate with her.  In Mural Club the teacher chooses a project and informs the students what supplies they will need for that painting and then everyone logs into a virtual classroom where the Mural Club teacher walks them through the process of creating that work of art, allowing for as much creative license as the students would like to take. She is there simply to guide. This week the project was a painting of a night time sky. Rusty and I joined Grace up in our playroom to paint. It was a lot of fun and we were quite proud of our finished projects.
IMG_0359 (2)
IMG_0361 (2)

My painting is on the far left, Rusty’s is in the middle, and Gracie’s is on the right.


2. Another club Grace is involved in is Fandom Club. This is a club that Grace and her friend, Olivia, came up with and received approval by the school to lead. They are in charge of coming up with the activities and discussion for the bi-monthly Fandom meeting. Each meeting is devoted to a different popular teen fandom. They develop power point slides that guide the meeting as they discuss the fandom of the week. In the past they have had meetings on the Harry Potter series, Marvel Super Heroes, Hunger Games, Star Wars, etc. This week was all about Nintendo, and Rusty helped Grace prepare the Fandom Club meeting since this is more in his area of interest/expertise than Gracie’s.

IMG_0745 (2)

Gracie leading the meeting from her bedroom.

IMG_0747 (2)

Rusty attending the meeting from his room 🙂

3. For everyone’s “one on one time” this week we worked on projects that were personal to them and their needs for the week. For Tyler’s time we made Valentines for his biological siblings. He has been missing them desperately this week and needing to reach out and connect, so we pulled out our container of art supplies and let him go to town. This week we also made stress balls together. My boys each have a stress ball they use for anxiety in therapy. It is a stretchy, squishy ball that they can pull, squeeze and pinch while they are working through tough stuff with Miss Tina. We also use it at home when emotions are hard. I have found that their stress balls aren’t always accessible when we need them so I decided to make a bunch of them to put around the house, in the car, and in my purse so I have one whenever I need one. The process was simple and the boys LOVED helping me make them. We bought a pack of balloons. We blew them up to stretch out the rubber, and then using a funnel we filled them with flour before tying them closed. They work wonderfully, cost us almost nothing, and will hopefully guarantee we will have a stress ball accessible whenever we need one. 🙂

IMG_0065 (2)IMG_0070 (2)


As for the other kids’ one on one time…Rusty worked on Duty to God (The goal setting program at church) with me and Ozzie and I worked on completing the last few projects in his Faith in God program before his 12th birthday in two weeks. Grace was asked to teach her Sunday School class this Sunday so I helped her plan her lesson and Molly has spent the last two weeks working on a Personal Progress project that requires her to make dinner for two weeks. She has done a great job and I have LOVED being off dinner duty. Molly has treated us to tortellini soup, lasagna, potato soup, corned beef and couscous, pierogis, spaghetti, etc. YUM!

IMG_9474 (2)IMG_9830

4. One evening this week we lost power for three hours. The kids loved the novelty of lighting candles and playing games in the dark. For the big kids that had fully charged laptop computers school continued in the dark until lessons were done, and then all the kids enjoyed hide and seek in the dark with glow sticks. Ozzie was a bit nervous and stuck pretty close to me through the power outage. I know he was immensely relieved when the lights came on before it was time for bed.

IMG_0369 (2)

5. I found time to work on a little decorating project. A year ago Tyler broke my big yellow mirror in the living room by “fishing” in the living room and casting a rod that had a weight tied to the end. (“It flew further that way,” he explained.) I finally had Toby take out the broken mirror from where we stored it away in the basement and decided that rather than replace the mirror I would use it as a frame for a photo collage above the piano. I love how it turned out!


6. This weekend we had three little visitors. They came Friday and stayed through Sunday. Toby spent Saturday working on the bus. With Molly’s help he completed the wiring. When the kids weren’t playing they were on the bus “helping.”

IMG_0764 (2)

The three 9-11 year olds heading out to explore in the woods.

IMG_0751 (2)

Two of Toby’s “helpers.”


7. While Toby spent Saturday working on the bus, Rusty spent his Saturday at a Boy Scout Merit Badge Pow Wow with other scouts. It was an all day event. Rusty worked on three Merit Badges: chess, architecture, and first aid. He enjoyed all three classes but the Chess Merit Badge was his favorite. In addition to learning more about the game and different plays he was able to learn how a professional tournament is played and how to record the moves of a game.

8. Tyler had a birthday party on Saturday. He was invited to a friend’s birthday party and was SO EXCITED to be invited to a birthday party all by himself…with no siblings. It was a first for him and he put a lot of thought and love into buying the perfect gift and picking out the perfect card (a singing card of course!) The theme for the party was Legos and he came home with a cute Lego t-shirt he made at the party.

IMG_0768 (2)

9. The three big kids were excited to see the fruits of their labors with these certificates they received in the mail from their school. Rusty earned High Honors this past quarter with all A’s and Grace and Molly received Distinguished Honors with all high A’s. I’m so proud of them all. They worked hard for those accomplishments.

IMG_0772 (2)

10. Our weekend ended with a SUPER Super Bowl party with friends. We have been invited to the McKay’s Super bowl party since Rusty was a little baby and we look forward to the chance to reconnect and spend time with them every year. They are an amazing family and we always leave their home feeling inspired, blessed and loved by their gracious hospitality. We ate good food, laughed a lot, and enjoyed a great night of football… despite the Steelers not playing. 🙂

It was a busy week. It was a good week. We are incredibly blessed.

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