Crazy Hat Day


Wednesday was “Crazy Hat Day” at co-op. My kids look forward to these fun “theme days” at co-op, especially during the dreary winter months. It gives them something to look forward to and adds a spark to our co-op day.

On Tuesday night the kids dove into the dress-up box in search of some crazy hats for the next morning. Our dress-up box didn’t let them down!

IMG_0774 (2)

It was fun seeing the crazy hats some of the other kids at co-op came up with:

IMG_0776 (2)

I must say this one was one of my favorites!!

IMG_0779 (2)

The kids were also working on a Valentine service project during their free time at co-op. They made Valentines to be delivered to a local nursing home.

IMG_0797 (2)IMG_0788 (2)

The kids had fun using glue, glitter, stickers, pipe cleaners and pom poms to make a lot of… mess!

 (AKA: Valentine Cards)   😉

IMG_0802 (2)

The finished cards:

IMG_0804 (3)

By the time co-op was over the snow was falling hard. We received two calls. The first was from Ozzie’s Occupational Therapist letting us know our therapy session that day would have to be rescheduled, and another confirming that the sledding activity for the youth at church was a go! We finally had enough snow for their annual sledding activity.

That evening I stayed home with the boys, whose cub scout activities had been canceled, and Grace drove Molly, Rusty and herself to the sledding activity. I love having a teenage driver on nights like this one so that I can stay home in my toasty house instead of going out in the snow. The kids packed their sleds and promised to get a few pictures for me and then were off to the Yovich’s house.


They came home with pink cheeks and stories to tell of their sledding adventures.

Our entire day was not as smooth and easy as this post would lead you to believe, however. Here is a clue into our reality:


Hint: The time we finally left co-op. (It is over at 1:00 pm)


It was actually a very hard day with a little boy who was working through some very hard memories… but that is another post.

Consider this post the “highlight reel.” The moments of our day that ended up on the cutting room floor will be revealed in another post after some much needed sleep, thought, and prayer.


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