International Auto Show


Saturday we woke up to bitterly cold temperatures.

The wind chill was -10. It was a perfectly chilly day to spend indoors looking at “hot” cars.

IMG_0988 (2)

For Ozzie’s 12th birthday we decided to take him to the International Auto Show in downtown Pittsburgh. It was being held at the David L Lawrence Convention Center, the same place we were a few weeks ago for the RV show.

IMG_0967 (2)

We loaded everyone in the car and drop Zoey off at home before we headed downtown. It was very busy and parking was at a premium so Toby ended up dropping us off at the door and bravely facing the cold on his own as he parked at a lot half of mile away and hiked back to the convention center.

Ozzie was beside himself with excitement as we waited for Toby to arrive.

IMG_0965 (2)

The show was everything that is a 12 year old boy could dream of and my idea of a nightmare. 😉

IMG_1013 (2)

 For four hours we looked at car after car, each one looking pretty much the same to me. But Ozzie was in heaven as he went from car to car collecting brochures and booklets from each of the manufacturers and sitting in every open car.

IMG_1061 (2)

Overall it was a very fun experience not only for Ozzie but for the family as a whole.  It wasn’t how I would have chosen to spend my Saturday if I wasn’t trying to win “Good Momma Points,” but it was fun being together as a family.

IMG_1033 (2)

The three teenagers had fun dreaming of what their first car would look like if they had unlimited resources,

IMG_0997 (3)

and Ozzie pointed out car after car that he plans on owning when he is grown and a billionaire.

IMG_1035 (2)

As we walked around it was funny to see what each kid was looking for in a “dream car.” Molly, my outdoor chicky, was drawn to the classic Jeeps.

Gracie preferred the small European sporty sports cars.

IMG_0974 (2)IMG_1048 (2)


Rusty, my gentle giant, was impressed by some of the large vans that he could actually stand in. He loved the headroom.

IMG_0979 (2)

Ozzie was looking for special features and power under the hood.

IMG_1029 (2)

IMG_1095 (2)IMG_1028 (2)

As for Tyler, well Tyler opened every trunk of every vehicle at the show to check out the trunk space, often exclaiming “I could actually sleep in here.” We have some concerns that his fascination for how many bodies could fit in the trunk may lead to a future in the mob. 😉

IMG_0977 (2)

Near the end of the car show Tyler was delighted to stumble across a booth where a retired Pittsburgh Steeler was signing autographs. The kids got in line to get an autograph before we headed out the door.

IMG_1099 (2)

Toby had one more surprise in store before we left Pittsburgh. He decided to make a stop at the Pittsburgh Popcorn Factory and let each of the kids pick out a small bag of popcorn… any flavor. It was our first time at The Pittsburgh Popcorn Factory. It was a delightful little place that boasted 10 different homemade flavors that day available for purchase. Some of the flavors that our family chose to try were brown butter caramel, peanutbutter cup popcorn, kettle corn, and chocolate caramel. We enjoyed our popcorn treat on the drive home.

IMG_1105 (2)

IMG_1107 (2).JPG

It ended up being a perfect 12th birthday for Ozzie. That night as we shared what we were grateful for that day Ozzie exclaimed that it was the best birthday he had ever had. I suppose that the 4  hours of my life that I lost forever  at the International Auto Show was well worth it, because we were able to make one little boy’s dream come true.

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