Ozzie is 12!


IMG_0878 (2)

2016 is a big birthday year for 4 of our 5 children. This year Tyler will be turning 10 in August and will be a double digit kid. In April Molly will turn 16 and will be allowed the privileges that come with that age, privileges like dating and driving. In March Grace will turn 18 and will officially be an ADULT…EEEK! And just yesterday Ozzie turned 12. This means he moves from primary and will be in Young Men’s at church. He will be able to pass the sacrament and will now be with Grace, Molly, and Rusty in the youth program.

Yesterday began with our traditional birthday wake-up as we woke Ozzie with a birthday song and a morning cupcake and candle to blow out, but it was a fairly low key day. His real celebration had occurred a few days earlier on Friday when he had his biological sister spend the night and we had his 12th birthday party.

He has been asking for a sleepover with Zoey for a long time but we had to get Ozzie and Zoey both to a good place emotionally to make sure they could handle it. Ozzie has made such strides in his therapy that we felt like he was ready for a sleepover. He was SO EXCITED!

He asked for a car themed party, so on Friday afternoon we sent him to his room to play and the other kids and I decorated the dining room for his party.

IMG_0812 (2)IMG_0823 (2)

It was such a fun theme to work with!

IMG_0818 (2)

When we were all done decorating, and it was almost time to leave to pick up Zoey, we called Ozzie down to check out our work.

IMG_0847 (3)

He was thrilled. Ozzie’s unbridled enthusiasm and gratitude are two of his most endearing traits. I love how thrilled he was.

He was especially excited about his cake and the Cars themed snacks:


IMG_0822 (2)IMG_0816 (2)

Then Ozzie and I left in the car to pick up Zoey while the other kids stayed home. He was excited to see his sister and have her over.

When we arrived back at the house I gave permission to Ozzie to open his gift from Zoey. It was such a perfect Ozzie gift: a science kit and weather station.



Then the kids watched Cars 2 while waiting for Toby to arrive home. This was Ozzie’s big request for the night…

IMG_0893 (2)

Well, watching Cars 2 and having a pinata.

When Toby arrived home we let the kids do the pinata before we had dinner. Ozzie was so excited. He kept saying that he had always wanted to have a birthday party with a pinata but never had. All the kids enjoyed the pinata. Toby worked the rope, making it just challenging enough to last a little while before it broke open, spilling candy over the living room floor.

IMG_0896 (2)

IMG_0942 (2)IMG_0923

Then it was time for dinner. Ozzie’s favorite food is tacos and he requested walking tacos (taco makings in individual Doritos bags) for his dinner.


After dinner Ozzie opened his gifts from the rest of us and from Uncle Travis, whose gift arrived in the mail that day. The girls (together) gave Ozzie a Lego set. I helped Tyler get Ozzie a car kit.

IMG_0947 (2)

The biggest hit of the night, however, was from Rusty. Rusty had boxed up all his matchbox cars from when he was little and gave them to Ozzie. I was so proud of Rusty and his sweet and thoughtful gesture. Ozzie was over the moon!

IMG_0951 (2)

Then Toby and I gave Ozzie our gift: a year subscription to a car magazine. (Which was more challenging than I expected. I had to do major research and searching to find a car magazine appropriate for a 12 year old boy…one that highlighted cars and not half naked women. I finally found one that was ideal and Ozzie is so excited that he will be receiving a car magazine in the mail each month!)

The second part of our gift to Ozzie was happening the following day. We told Ozzie that on Saturday, after dropping off Zoey, we would be going as a family to the International Auto Show in Pittsburgh. Oh, you should have heard the shouts of joy and excitement from our little man.

We ended our celebration with cake.

Make a wish, Ozzie!

IMG_0960 (2)IMG_0964 (2)

Stay tuned for part 2: Our visit to the International Auto Show!

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