Blue and Gold and GREEN



This past Friday was the Blue and Gold banquet for Tyler’s cub scout troop at church. Tyler is the last cub scout in our family. Rusty and Ozzie are both now in Boy Scouts, but Blue and Gold is a Cub Scout celebration for the entire family, not just the cubs, and my big boys were excited when they heard the theme.

I remember vividly our first Blue and Gold dinner when Rusty was just eight years old. It was a dinosaur theme and really set the bar high for our expectations of what a Blue and Gold banquets looks like. That was Rusty’s first and favorite Blue and Gold dinner.

 It  has been fun to see the different themes the boys have chosen over the years for their Blue and Gold dinner. We have had a camping theme, Legos, and Harry Potter……… (Hands down my favorite one of all! I mean, what is better than ‘Pin the nose on Voldemort’?!)

The theme changes year to year but the night plays out the same. The Blue and Gold banquet is a birthday celebration of the cub scouting program. Families are invited, a dinner is served, there are usually games and skits by the scouts, and awards are handed out.

This year the boys chose the theme of Minecraft, a very popular online game that is a HUGE hit with my three boys, so popular in fact, that it was the theme of Rusty’s  12th birthday party.

The link to Rusty’s 12th birthday post:

IMG_1475 (2)

Rusty brought his Minecraft gear to the Blue and Gold banquet.

IMG_1479 (2)

Q peeking in “Steve’s eye.” I see you in there, Rusty!


On Wednesday the cubs worked on decorations for Blue and Gold. They made centerpieces and placemats.

IMG_1463 (2)

On Thursday night Tyler and I went grocery shopping for Blue and Gold. Each family was asked to bring a side dish and dessert. Tyler decided that he wanted to just bring a bunch of Minecraft snacks instead.

IMG_1468 (2)

Friday night arrived and everyone had fun.

IMG_1515 (2)IMG_1517 (2)

The turnout was great! It is so nice to have so many cubs now, compared to when Rusty was a cub scout.

IMG_1542 (2)

The night began with Minecraft games and activities like “pin the tail on the pig” and “knock down the creepers.”

IMG_1487 (2)IMG_1497

Then it was time to eat. Fried chicken was served with a variety of side dishes. The cubs were allowed to fill their plates first so they could eat and get ready for their skits, which they performed while we ate.

They sang and performed some classic cub scout skits. Tyler opted to sit in the audience rather than be on stage. The boys did a GREAT job! It was VERY entertaining!


IMG_1533 (2)IMG_1546 (2)

Then it was time to hand out awards. Tyler and the other Bears were awarded three new belt loops that they have been working on as a pack.

IMG_1554 (2)IMG_1572 (2)

The night ended with yummy (and adorable) desserts.

IMG_1550 (2)IMG_1462 (2)

Another successful Blue and Gold banquet!

IMG_1459 (2)

Is it Tyler or is it Steve?!

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