Ozzie’s First Youth Temple Trip: A Pictorial.

IMG_1642 (2)

Big Bessie was packed the gills with 11 youth. It made for a fun and noisy six hours on the road. We dubbed it “The Party Bus!”

IMG_1623 (3)

I can’t believe my little man is now 12 and old enough for youth temple trips.

IMG_1583 (2)

What a fun group!

IMG_1612 (2)

What a joy it was to spend the day in such a special place with my four favorite youth!

IMG_1615 (2)

It was a gorgeous day for a temple trip to Columbus, Ohio. The sun was shining and it felt like spring.

IMG_1613 (2)

Beaver Valley youth.

IMG_1628 (2)

IMG_1635 (2)

Then a stop for burgers and shakes before our 3 hour drive home. Yes, we are eating outside in February!

IMG_1636 (2)

IMG_1637 (2)

IMG_1638 (2)



It was a wonderful day!

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