Give us this Day our daily Bread


One of the great blessings of home schooling is the time and flexibility it allows for nontraditional learning opportunities. My children have had opportunities to learn skills and experience things that would have never been possible if they spent their days  in a traditional classroom. With our schooling method the kids are able to work ahead in their school work, allowing days to open up for field trips or other learning opportunities.


This Friday was one of those times when I was especially grateful that we educate our children in the manner that we do, for because of that choice the girls had the opportunity to learn a lost art from a wise, older woman who attends our church.

This sweet lady is one of the best bread bakers I have ever met. When she heard that my girls had mentioned wanting to learn to bake bread she invited them to spend the day with her and learn the lost art of making bread.

My girls were thrilled with the invitation and looked forward to spending the day with Ruthe.

Molly decided to combine two tasks and use the lesson not only as a chance to learn to make really delicious homemade bread, but also a chance to complete a photography assignment for school.

Her next assignment was to take a series of photographs that show the steps in a task. It was a perfect assignment for her to work on while baking bread.

Making bread _1Making bread _3Making bread _7Making bread _8Making bread _5Making bread _4

The girls had a delightful time with Ruthe. They loved hearing the stories she had to tell and learning the skills she had to share. There is something so dear about the older generation teaching the younger, and I think she was tickled to have the girls want to learn from her.

Making bread _6

Because bread baking is a multi step process, that requires doing and then waiting, the girls took advantage of the period of time while they were waiting on the dough to rise to drive over to their piano teacher’s home for lessons…

who just happens to be the daughter-in-law to Ruthe.

Mother and daughter-in-law, both with such talents to share. I am grateful for the many women in my life that so freely share their talents, skills and knowledge with my children, thus making up for my short comings and weaknesses. This is the beautiful blessing of raising your children within a community of people who care about and are invested in  your children’s lives.

In turn, those who have knowledge to share have the opportunity to pass on their legacy of wisdom and talents to the next generation.

P1050772 (2)

Bread baking was a hit!

The girls came home with loaves ready to be baked (and homemade cinnamon rolls) and stories to share about their fun day with their new friend, Ruthe.

We enjoyed the fruits of their labor as a family at dinner time when we feasted on homemade bread and potato soup.

Making bread _2

Today my girls learned the skill of making homemade bread, but that is just one small part of a much greater lesson they learned this day.


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