New “Do’s”


A few weeks ago the girls came to me asking when we could go shopping for Spring Formal, the annual formal dance put on for the youth of our church. This year’s formal is being held in March instead of May, so our tradition of dress shopping while the boys are at the annual Father/Son campout wasn’t going to work. Instead we picked a free upcoming Saturday and put it on the calendar.

Around this same time the girls came to me asking if they could get their hair cut. This week Grace turns 18 and next month Molly will be turning 16. In honor of these milestone birthdays they decided they wanted a new look.

We decided to combine the two tasks and have a mother/daughter day. I was struggling with weakness in my arms and eyes so I said a prayer I would have the physical strength to make it through a day of dress shopping with four girls. (Grace and Molly invited Tatum and Olivia to join us since they will also be attending Spring Formal.) Gracie became the designated driver since my eyes weren’t cooperating and we began our day at Great Clips for haircuts. We were the first customers there when they opened and we had the place to ourselves.

Both girls brought pictures of the looks they were going for. Molly bravely decided to cut off all her hair into a cute pixie cut and Grace decided to chop of 3-4 inches off into a bob…which she was then going to color when we got back home.

The “before” pictures:

The “after” pictures:

They both LOVED their new looks. 🙂

I thought they both made good choices picking styles that were adorable on them. Molly’s new pixie cut left her looking like a little woodland fairy.

Next we picked up the Hudak girls for a day dress shopping. First stop: Goodwill.

IMG_1806 (2)

Here Grace and Molly  found their Spring Formal dresses for $3.50 each. What a deal!!

The theme for Spring Formal this year is 1920’s Hollywood and they both found simple black dresses that fit the style of that time that they could then have fun accessorizing.

Then it was onto Sears and a few more shops as we looked for dresses for Olivia and Tatum and fun 1920’s headbands, shoes,  and beads.


IMG_1810 (2)

Stopping for a group selfie…

IMG_1811 (2)

I love these silly girls!


We found some cute accessories and both girls were able to put together their complete look for under $20.00 each.

 After a quick lunch with their friends we dropped of the girls and then headed home to show off everyone’s new looks to the boys and to color Gracie’s hair. We purchased a box hair dye and I colored it for her. She has never colored her hair before and was a bit nervous that the result wasn’t going to live up to the image she had in her head. The color she chose was a golden light brown. She decided to go darker because of her beautiful dark eyebrows.


The end result:

IMG_1818 (2)IMG_1822 (2)

She loves it!

The girls then tried on their 1920’s looks for Spring Formal.



Love it!!!


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