A Dog called “Sprite”


This post isn’t an update on my health, and while I appreciate the concern and inquiries, I will save that post for another time. This post is an update on other happenings around Patchwork Farm.

I am not the only family member dealing with health challenges.  Winnie faced her own unexpected diagnoses this past week. Last Sunday Winnie stopped walking. She just lay on the floor and whined. When we tried to pick her up or when we touched her leg she would yelp. Our first thought was that she twisted something or pulled a muscle, so we lay her on her dog bed with the hope that she’d be back to her old self on Monday.

By Monday the situation had grown worse. Rusty had to carry her out to use the bathroom but she’d just collapse on the grass, unable to stand. She  cried and whimpered. We called the vet to set up an appointment, sure that we must be dealing with a break.

Upon examination the vet noticed that the pain seem isolated in the joints and suggested we run a blood test for Lyme’s disease. I thought it was an odd thought process to think Lyme’s before injury, but she explained that there had been a high number of cases lately of dogs presenting with Lyme’s disease symptoms, one of which is joint pain.

She took a blood sample and 10 minutes later was back in the exam room to report Winnie did indeed test positive for Lyme’s. She started Winnie on pain medication and a month-long course of antibiotics. We will return in a month for  follow-up lab work. If it comes back negative then we can have her immunized for Lyme’s to prevent future issues.

When we returned home we shared with the rest of the kids what was wrong with Winnie. When I explained that she was full of Lyme’s, one child’s response was, “Then we should call her ‘Sprite’….you know, cause she is full of limes.” Haha 🙂


Rusty acting as Winnie’s personal assistant, transporting her from the waiting room to the exam room.

On Tuesday a friend thoughtfully brought us dinner. It was such a gift to return home from an appointment to dinner (plus an extra meal for later in the week.) It was delicious. She nourished not only our physical bodies, but our spirits as well with her thoughtfulness.


This week Tyler received a special package in the mail from Mimi and Pop Pop at the Homestead. They know how hard he has been working on his reading so they sent him a book they thought he could read on his own and would enjoy. It was a hit!! He read it at once and then wanted to read it again…Yea!


The girls spent a few hours on Saturday filling our freezer with crock pot meals that we will be able to just dump in the crock pot in the morning when we get up. Dinner will be able to cook all day on “low” and then will be ready to dish up for dinner. Knowing how much weaker I get as the day progresses, doing as many evening chores in the morning as I can is an effective tool for living with MG. The girls were so dear to help me out with this big chore. I sat on the couch reading out the recipes while they assembled them. Thank you, girls.


Toby continues to make progress on our school bus conversion project. In his spare time he is spending all his free time in the bus…both day and night.


The kids are all pitching in to help…


Toby has finished running electric, began setting lights, and hanging the TV mount.


The walls are also up, separating the master bedroom, closet, and bathroom from the rest of our house on wheels.

IMG_2038IMG_2015 (2)

And he has begun laying out the kitchen and assembling cabinets.

IMG_2010IMG_2012 (2)

We are moving closer to the goal of a “home on wheels” for our big cross country trip. The trip is still going to happen but we are looking to delay it until fall when the temperatures are cooler (better for my Myasthenia Gravis) and to give my neurologist time to set up a plan and start treating my symptoms before we leave. This delay will also allow Toby a little extra time to dedicate to  the fun details of transforming the school bus turned RV into the RV of his dreams.

All in all things are going well. This unexpected health turn is just another jaunt in our journey and we are learning to navigate our new “normal.”

More on that in our next post…

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