On the road again


Self employment is a mixed bag of blessings.

When Toby was laid off (8 years ago), as a result of his boss selling the company that Toby had worked for as foreman for the last decade, we panicked a bit. It was during a season of our life when the prospect of unemployment was nerve-wracking. We were at the tail end of building our dream home, and carrying a significant construction loan that would need to be rolled into a mortgage. Approaching our bank, while unemployed, with only one month to complete the construction on our home, was daunting.

But God knew what He was doing and great blessings came from that scary season of life. Having Toby home allowed him to work on our home full time for the next six weeks, thus completing the task before our contract expired.

When the house was done the priority became finding a job. Toby began his job search and eventually felt led to the path of self employment. I bucked that idea for a long time out of fear. The thought of living week to week, unsure of when the next job would come and the next paycheck would arrive, terrified me. It was with a lot of prayer and a leap of faith that I followed Toby’s leading, trusting that the world of self employment was the road God was calling us to walk.

It has been a road of ups and downs…with far more highs than lows. This month has been one of those times when I have been incredibly grateful Toby chose this road 8 years ago.

March has provided a lull between jobs for Toby. After completing a big renovation job in February and waiting to begin a big deck job in April, March has been slower paced. He has used that lighter schedule to fit in a lot of small/ one day jobs, as well as accomplish things around the house…

Like progress on our school bus conversion. The boys bunk beds are now built!

IMG_9087 (2)IMG_9093 (2)

With my health struggles, having Toby around has been a huge blessing, and once again I see God’s hand in the timing.

A month ago Gracie was invited to speak at her school’s National Honor Society induction ceremony (the same place we went last year to see her inducted.) The plan was for me to drive Grace out (with Molly and Rusty) while the little boys stayed home with Toby.

A week or so later Toby suggested we all go and make a mini vacation out of it and do a little site seeing in Old Philadelphia  while we were visiting the eastern side of the state. What a blessing! Had things not worked out this way I don’t know how I would have managed this trip with my double vision and weakness. So on Tuesday we packed our bags and headed out,

“On the road again.”

Before we left a package arrive on our doorstep from Florida. My grandma’s neighbor (who lives behind her in their retirement village) surprised my boys with a special gift. As a boy he and his friends made up a baseball dice game. He decided to recreate it for my boys that he has heard so much about from G.G. It arrived in the mail, complete with a box he decorated to hold the dice, pieces, instructions and game board he made. We were so touched by his thoughtfulness! We packed it in the car to take with us to play at the hotel.

IMG_9098 (2)IMG_9099 (2)

We got on the turnpike and headed east, making a quick stop along the way at a medical supply store to rent a wheel chair for the week to help facilitate the extra steps required with site seeing. (Have I mention that I am married to the most loving, caring man ever!)

IMG_9100 (2)

We drove all afternoon and then stopped for a late dinner at a Cracker Barrel outside Philly for dinner.

IMG_9120 (2)

We had a gift card we wanted to use. Our family loves Cracker Barrel. Toby loves the home style type food and the antiques on display,

IMG_9116 (2)

the girls and I love browsing the cute gift shop, and all the kids love the games that are set out to play with while waiting on dinner to arrive.

IMG_9114 (2)IMG_9119 (2)

It was nice to get out of the car, stretch our legs and fill our bellies before resuming our trip.

Then we arrived…

Hotel sweet Hotel,

for a good night’s sleep before the fun begins tomorrow.


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