A “Sweet” way to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick’s Day is a favorite holiday with the McCleery clan…I know, you can’t imagine why. ūüėČ

In particular for Miss Grace who will tell you that St. Patrick’s day is her favorite holiday.

This year we celebrated in a different way. Instead of a corned beef and cabbage day we celebrated in a “sweeter” way!

We are still in Philadelphia. Thursday night was the National Honor Society induction ceremony for Gracie’s school that she was invited to speak at. This big event didn’t begin until 5:30 pm, which left the day open for fun and frolicking. The Hudaks had arrived in town (since Olivia was one of the students being inducted into NHS) so we made plans to spend the day with them.

Our day began in the hotel lobby where both families met to enjoy the complimentary breakfast offered by Comfort Suites.

IMG_9384 (2)

At breakfast we planned out our day and the surprise we had for the teachers.

The 6 oldest Hudak and McCleery kids attend 21st Century Cyber Charter School, located in Downingtown, PA. We decided to swing by the school office that the teachers all work out of and surprise them with donuts as a thank you for all their hard work. Wednesday marked the end of the quarter so the teachers were spending Thursday grading papers and assignments.

We drove over to Dunkin Donuts to purchase 4 dozen donuts and then wrapped them with a bow and a tag that read,

“We DO-NUT know what we would have done without all your help this quarter. Thanks for being such great teachers!”

IMG_9393 (2)

We arrived at the school building, which was only about a 10 minute drive from our hotel, and were buzzed into the front office.

IMG_9388 (2)

The secretary paged some of the teachers to come down so the kids could give them the donuts and say, “hello.” Molly had also made homemade lemon bars before we left¬†on our trip for Mr. Winterode , her learning coach, whom she adores.

IMG_9396 (2)

It was fun seeing the teachers and letting Toby and Woody check out the school where their children attend.

IMG_9397 (2)

In the background is the mural that Gracie and Olivia  helped paint last year

After saying our goodbyes, so that the teachers could get back to grading, we climbed in our vehicles to drive to Hershey, PA where we spent the day.

IMG_9408 (2)

We spent the afternoon at Chocolate World until we had to return home for the NHS dinner and ceremony. The first hour was spent walking around the store and letting the kids shop, using the piggy bank funds they brought from home.

IMG_9422 (2)

Grace helping Tyler decided how to spend the cash that was burning a hole in his pocket.

IMG_9430 (2)IMG_9427 (2)

IMG_9436 (2)

Rusty, ready to check out. I think he is in heaven! ūüôā

IMG_9466 (2)

Tyler used a dollar of his allowance to surprise Olivia with a treat.

Then it was onto the:

IMG_9418 (2)IMG_9445 (2)IMG_9452 (2)

IMG_9457 (2)

The tour ended with a complimentary Kit Kat bar.

Then we parted ways with the Hudaks for a while.

IMG_9465 (2)

They signed up for the “Create you own Candy bar” tour while we headed to the 4D movie.

¬†It began in a holding room where we received our 3D glasses and were greeted by staff. They asked the kids their names and a little bit about themselves. We didn’t realize this information¬†was going to become part of the interactive show.

IMG_9467 (2)IMG_9471 (2)

Then the theatre doors were opened and we were seated. It was an adorable 3D cartoon starring Hershey, Reese and Kiss as they tried to solve the mystery in the candy factory. As the show went on the¬†cartoon character,¬†Reese, would make comments to the audience, personalizing it for the kids. For example he wished Grace a happy 18th birthday and yelled out for help from Tyler and Oswald (the name Ozzie gave the worker who introduced herself to him while we were waiting.)¬† ūüôā

The movie was a 4D production, which meant that we weren’t only watching a 3D movie, but that other interactive features occurred in the audience as the movie progressed. Smells would be pumped into the room as candy characters appeared, our chairs would vibrate when the characters ran, water was squirted into the audience, and streamers fell from the ceiling at the end of the movie,¬†as the characters celebrated. It was a really cute show and all the kids LOVED it!

IMG_9474 (2)

It was a “SWEET” way to spend St. Patrick’s Day!

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