Easter at the Homestead


On Saturday we traveled West to my parents’ home in Ohio. We were invited to the Homestead to celebrate Easter. It was a beautiful day for a party.

IMG_9849 (2)

When we arrived at the Homestead we spent some time catching up while the kids went outside to play in.

IMG_9745 (2)

IMG_9735 (2)

Tyler setting up a grass buffet for the goats in the fence 🙂


For lunch we enjoyed breaking tradition with yummy take-out from an Italian restaurant in town instead of the usual fare .

IMG_9739 (2)

My parents surprised us all with Easter gifts.

IMG_9715 (2)IMG_9719 (2)

I think it was made quite clear who the favorite child/grandchild is…


Look at MY Easter basket! I love it! Thanks, Mom!

IMG_9758 (2)

We also brought plastic eggs so that we could have an egg hunt at the Homestead. Toby and Pop Pop did a great job of hiding all the eggs. Perhaps too good! The hunt got challenging by the time the kids were searching for the last few!

IMG_9760 (2)IMG_9765 (2)IMG_9783 (2)

Then we loaded into Big Bessie for a trip to Hershberger Farm to see the spring babies.

Hershbergers  is an Amish store/ free petting zoo near my parents’ home. It is a favorite stop when we visit my parents, especially in the spring when there are baby critters. This visit was a bit premature, however. There weren’t as many animals as there are later in the season, but we did get to feed some animals, pet the baby goats, and see Big Ben…the biggest horse I have ever seen!

IMG_9827 (2)

Next animal on the kids’ Patchwork Farm wish list…a Zebu!

IMG_9830 (2)IMG_9819 (2)IMG_9814 (2)

IMG_9823 (2)

Tyler loved when the baby goats would suck on his fingers.

IMG_9800 (2)

“Hello Big Ben!”


The kids loved petting all the animals. You would think, with us living on a farm, that the appeal of farm animals would diminish with time, but it doesn’t. I am raising five true blue animal lovers.

After spending time with the animals and doing a little window shopping at the adjoining antique store we headed back to the Homestead for root beer floats and yard games. I sat and took pictures as the kids introduced my parents to the game of Ultimate Frisbee.

IMG_9851 (2)IMG_9876 (2)

Before the sun set on our perfect day we said our good-byes and drove home to prepare for church and Easter the following day.

It was a lovely day!

Next week the girls and I will return to the Homestead for the girls’ birthday weekend with Mimi and Pop Pop. They are looking forward to celebrating their two milestone birthdays with their grandparents and I’m excited to tag along. I am looking forward to making some special memories with my girls and my parents.

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