Rusty is a Star!



Wednesday Night was Court of Honor for our boys. I was feeling tapped dry by our Wednesday activities. (Wednesday is a long day for us with co-op and occupational therapy and church activities in the evenings.) But I was determined to rally so that I could go with the rest of the family to church that evening to see Rusty advance in rank and be presented with two new Boy Scout merit badges.

All three boys were able to participate in the flag ceremony: Tyler as a Bear, and Ozzie as a Tenderfoot.

IMG_0105 (2)

It was exciting to see the hard work of the troop pay off with many of the boys advancing in rank and earning additional merit badges.

IMG_0115 (2)IMG_0113 (2)

Rusty earned two new merit badges: The family life and cooking merit badges.

IMG_0116 (2)

Then they invited the assistant scoutmasters to the front to recognize the boys who were advancing in rank. Rusty advanced to the rank of Star. I loved watching Toby shake Rusty’s hand, with fatherly pride, in congratulations.

IMG_0118 (2)IMG_0121 (2)

Rusty then bestowed upon me the mother’s pin, an honor given to each mother when her son advances in rank.

IMG_0126 (2)

I’m so proud of my young man. I call him my gentle giant. At age 14 he now towers above his father and I and  I can honestly say…literally and figuratively…that I look up to him. He makes this Momma’s heart glad.

Soon we will be celebrating Ozzie’s achievements as he too grows and advances with the Boy Scouts of America

I’m proud to be the wife of an Eagle Scout and Momma to 3 future Eagle Scouts.



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