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Last night we put on our Sunday best and enjoyed an evening of highfalutin fancy fun at the Hoyt Institute of Fine Arts. There they were having an art exhibition featuring some new, upcoming local talent. And our family, always eager for an evening of culture, made plans to attend.

IMG_0129 (2)

These new and upcoming talents were none other than our own co-op kids!

IMG_0235 (2)IMG_0239 (2)

Every year our co-op has an art show near the end of the co-op school year to display and appreciate the artwork that has been created in the various art classes over the course of the last year by our own talented students. Typically we put on the art show at the co-op. The kids bring in their favorite art pieces from the year and we put them on display so that everyone can view and appreciate the talent that is so abundant in our little group.

This year we stepped things up a notch as a result of one of our co-op mom’s connections. This mom works closely with the Hoyt Institute of Fine Arts as a regular volunteer. She decided to call in a favor, asking if our co-op group could display our artwork  at the Hoyt this year.

IMG_0143 (2)IMG_0183 (2)IMG_0178 (2)IMG_0169 (2)IMG_0138 (2)

The Hoyt Institute agreed. They gave us a room in the building and did a lovely job of matting and displaying the kids’ artwork in such a professional way.

IMG_0144 (2)IMG_0155 (2)IMG_0184 (2)

We held our art exhibit open house in the evening, thus allowing more friends and family to attend. We dressed in our Sunday best to enjoy a night of culture. 🙂

IMG_0196 (2)

Here is little bit about the Hoyt Institute where our art show was held:

“The name HOYT literally spells out History, Opportunities, Youth, and Tradition for adults, children and senior citizens in Lawrence County and surrounding areas, supporting the mission “to provide the best possible arts to the greatest number of people”.  Described as New Castle’s “cultural jewel”, the historic four building complex offers an environment of historical interest while housing art galleries, classrooms, studios, collection of fine arts library, and meeting facilities on five manicured acres of the residential North Hill.

Built by architect Frank Foulke between 1914-1917 for the prominent Hoyt siblings, May Emma and Alex Crawford, a tour of the Hoyt tells a rich history of a time, place and culture that once was.  You can see striking features such as crystal cut glass doors, carved staircases, and a German suit of armor in addition to family memorabilia and period furnishing.  Mrs. Alex Crawford Hoyt’s 1930’s bookbinding equipment may still be seen in her studio on the third floor, as well as lovely collections of vintage hats, purses, and our native Shenango China on levels one and two.

Since its simple beginnings in 1965, the Hoyt  has grown from a small group of artists wanting to develop and showcase local talent to the only non-profit community arts center and museum of its kind within a 40  mile radius of Pittsburgh.  Supported in part by public and membership contributions, the Hoyt provides continuous opportunities through arts courses and workshops, performances, concerts, lectures, free monthly exhibitions, and annual juried competitions.”

It was a wonderful evening. The kids loved having Toby there. They were able to show off some of the artwork they created over the last year, as well as view the talents of the other students.

IMG_0165 (2)

In addition to the artwork on display there was finger foods and drinks to enjoy while browsing the art work and visiting.

IMG_0162 (2)IMG_0177 (2)

When we were done viewing the co-op’s exhibit we enjoyed walking around the Hoyt Institute, viewing the other artwork that was on display. We were blown away by the level of talent.

IMG_0198 (2)IMG_0206 (2)IMG_0210 (2)IMG_0217 (2)IMG_0220 (2)IMG_0232 (2)

Just strolling around the historic home was a feast for the eyes, with the homes themselves being magnificent works of art in their own right.

IMG_0246 (2)IMG_0230

It was such a lovely night.


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