Selfie Fun



I find when I am having an especially hard, discouraging, Eeyore sort of day, and need some cheering up, the best antidote can be found on the closest electronic device.

Regardless of whether I am picking up my digital camera, a cell phone, or the family Ipad I am sure to find something that will lift my spirits and make me laugh…

all I have to do is check out the latest selfies recorded for posterity by children.

Tyler is the KING of silly selfies but he’s not the only guilty party.

When I stumble across these hidden gems they never fail to make me Laugh Out Loud. 🙂

For your viewing pleasure…

My good looking, ever classy, pillars of society, future leaders of America,



Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 10.59.19 AM

Yep, we are one good lookin’ group!

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