Sweet 16



Each of our children have a song.

Much like a couple having “their song”

A song that either represents who they are or how I felt about them the first time I held them in my arms.

It is the song that was their lullaby as infants and the song I hum as I rub their backs when they are having a hard day.

When I hear their song play my mind goes to that child and the memories those songs bring forth.

Molly’s song is, “You are My Sunshine.”

That was the song I quietly sang into her newborn, tiny ears when she was but a day old,

and it was the song that quickly became “Molly’s song.”

I had no idea how very fitting that song would be to the young lady she’d grow up to be. Molly truly is a ray of sunshine. She is delightful, happy, eager to please, eager to do right, always helping, always serving, an always smiling ray on sunshine in our life.

She makes the world a sunnier place.

Thursday we celebrated our beautiful sunbeam as she turned 16.

Molly’s birthday began early. For every birthday in our home we wake the birthday kid with a cupcake, candle and birthday song. For this birthday we added 100 balloons to the mix. The night before, while Molly was out of the house, Tyler and Ozzie helped me blow them all up and store them in trash bags in Tyler’s room. In the morning we snuck in early to fill her room with balloons.

IMG_0389 (2)

After Molly’s morning wake-up she had 1/2 hour before Rusty and I had to leave for the orthodontist to have his braces removed so we let her open her birthday gifts.

IMG_0391 (2)

She loved the gifts her sibling bought her:

IMG_0395 (2)IMG_0401 (2)

IMG_0406 (2)

Rusty bought her the Tangled movie (Molly’s all time favorite movie) and a “detangling” hair brush. 🙂

IMG_0413 (2)


and the candy gram from mom and dad.

IMG_0419 (2)

For her 16th birthday gift she received what each of our children receive on their 16th birthday: a nice CTR ring. (A ring that reminds them to always Choose The Right.) Like the one given to Grace this is a ring she can wear on her left hand to help her remember…as she gains more freedom and privileges… to make choices wisely that will prepare her heart for the man God has chosen as her eternal companion. Eventually the day will come when  she will then move her CTR ring to her right hand, replacing it with her wedding ring, a new reminder to make choices that will keep her heart aligned with her Lord and her marriage covenants.


We picked a style reflective of Molly. She was thrilled!

The next seven hours were spent racing around town having braces removed and getting driver’s permits…Yes, Molly passed and is now on the road!

Then we were home with enough time for this Momma to lay down for an hour in preparation for the rest of our celebratory day.

When Toby arrived home we loaded into Big Bessie.

Molly had one request for her birthday. She wanted to go see one of her best buddies perform in their local high school’s musical presentation of “Sound of Music.” The Tame girls (Molly and Gracie’s best friends at church) both had lead parts in the play. Gracie’s best buddy, Stephanie, was playing Maria, and Molly’s best buddy, Heather, was playing Elsa (Capt. von Trapp’s fiancé.) Stephanie and Heather’s younger sister, Melanie, was playing one of the von Trapp children and the kids’ piano teacher, Sister Neeley, was the piano player for the play, so we had MANY great reasons to attend, and it was how Molly wanted to celebrate her birthday.

On the way to the play we surprised Molly and stopped for dinner at Jerry’s Curb Service, a nostalgic curbside restaurant. The restaurant, so reflective of a simpler time, was established in 1947 and has the same feel today. It was a first time visit for us and a perfect choice for a 16th birthday and driver’s permit celebration!

photos6IMG_0477 (2)

The waitresses come out to the car and take your order.

The menu is painted on the side of the building.

IMG_0473 (2)

We ordered a fun assortment of burgers, fries, onion rings, and root beer.

IMG_0481 (2)

The little boys’ kids meals came in cardboard vintage cars.

IMG_0484 (2)

The kids all LOVED Jerry’s!

Then it was onto the play where we ran into many friends from church who were also there to support our friends.

IMG_0486 (2)IMG_0488 (2)

The play was delightful! Such talent!

IMG_0493 (2)IMG_0494 (2)IMG_0498 (2)IMG_0491 (2)IMG_0495 (2)

It was a perfect way to celebrate Molly’s 16th birthday.

Happy birthday, Sunshine! We hope it was filled with all of your favorite things!


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