A Myasthenia Gravis Update


I have had a lot of friends and relatives express concern since the posting when I wrote about the flare up of my Myasthenia Gravis. I appreciate all the concern and the prayers lifted Heavenward on my behalf. I have also had many inquire as to where I am with my heath now…a month later, so it seems the best way to update everyone is through another blog post.

Here it goes…

My neurologist appointment is still scheduled for May 17th. I am on a list to receive a call if any patients cancel between now and the 17th.

I am still having the same symptoms: weakness in my arms, legs, hands, face and eyes. Double vision continues to be an issue when I am overly tired. Although the symptoms of the disease continue, they have improved dramatically in the last few weeks.

After much prayer and a lot of hours spent online researching natural/holistic treatments  for Myasthenia Gravis I have decided to make the most of this waiting time. While there is little information online about treating the symptoms of Myasthenia Gravis naturally I have found a lot of useful information about healthy lifestyle changes for those living with an autoimmune disorder. The general health suggestions offered seem to share the common thread of stress reduction, plenty of sleep, and healthier, more natural, (non inflammatory) food choices.

I began by cutting out dairy, gluten and sugar from my diet.

Then a few weeks later I was referred by a friend to a naturopathic doctor who was able to assess what nutritional deficiencies my body was burdened with and helped me set up a vitamin/supplement regimen (using Nature’s Sunshine brand) to help address those deficiencies. She has also encouraged me to increase my fruit and vegetable consumption while still eliminating dairy, gluten and sugar.

IMG_0514 (2)

My vitamin regimen…pills, pills and more pills 🙂


I addition to holistically and nutritionally caring for my body I have made a conscious effort to pull back from extra commitments outside my home and those social interactions that are physically and emotionally draining, and selfishly focus my energy on self care for a season.

I have seen positive results.

No, I am not symptom free, but I feel more well. I find my strength is lasting later into the day and I don’t tire quite as quickly. I am using my eye patch less often and have been able to do a bit more. My good days are a bit better and my bad days aren’t quite as bad. I see my naturopathic doctor in a week to have my  numbers reassessed and she will adjust my healing plan accordingly. The prayer is that my body will continue to strengthen and heal  as I wait for my neurologist appointment in May.

Thank you for the continued prayers, understanding, and support. They mean the world to me!

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