Spirit Week and other happenings…


This past week was Spirit Week for 21st Century Cyber Charter School. My three big kids had fun participating in this school-wide event. Each day had a different theme and the cyber students could take a picture of themselves dressed for that theme. They then had to email their photos in before lunch so that they could be posted in the afternoon for student voting. The students were able to vote for their favorite picture in each grade with winners to be announced later this week. The kids had fun participating in Spirit Week and getting creative with their photos.

The themes for the week included:

Future Career Day:


Molly’s future will include working with animals.



Gracie as a future teacher.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 10.55.48 AM 01 (1)

Rusty as a Disney World employee. A shout out to Miss Grace for her photo shopping skills which transported Rusty to Magic Kingdom!


Twin Day:


Bring Your Pet to School Day:


Gracie’s submission.


Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 10.59.19 AM

Rusty’s submission


Throwback Thursday:


Gracie circa 2005.



Molly circa 2003


21CCCS Spirit Day:


This week Tyler started occupational therapy at Bright Beginnings, the same place Ozzie goes for OT. About a month ago we had Tyler assessed to see if there was an underlying reason for his handwriting struggles. While very adept at large motor functions he struggles with small motor function, namely cutting, writing legibly, and drawing simple, basic figures. After the occupational therapist ran a series of assessment tests she concluded that he would benefit from occupational therapy. This Wednesday was his first session. He will be seeing the OT during the half hour slot before Ozzie’s weekly appointment. Ozzie has made a lot of progress with Mandy so we are eager to see what help she can offer Tyler.

IMG_0381 (2)

This week was taekwondo testing for Rusty, Grace and Ozzie. All three were testing to see if they were ready to advance to the next belt rank. Part of taekwondo testing involves having to break a board. Gracie had to beak her board with a hammer fist. Ozzie had to break his board using a palm heel strike. Rusty had to break his board using a turning jumping roundhouse into a palm heel strike.


All three were successful and all three passed their testing and will advance to the next belt. Grace is now a yellow strip belt, Ozzie is an orange belt, and Rusty is a brown belt.

Spring has fled Western Pennsylvania. Gone are the 68 degree temperatures and instead we have been waking to this view out the window:


I love snow. I love to spend January snowed in and hibernating, but snow in April…not so much. Come on Spring, we are ready for your arrival!!

On Saturday both girls were running in separate directions. Molly was asked to babysit through her MOPS babysitting connections and Grace was asked to teach at a special 11/12 year old girls activity at church. Her class was one of four that the girls were rotating through. She built her lesson around a princess theme as she taught the girls about their Heavenly worth as  daughters of a Heavenly King.

As part of the lesson she had prepared she wanted to make crowns for each of the 52 girls that were planning to attend. On Friday night we all pitched in to help her cut out 50 crowns.


On Saturday Grace drove herself to the event but I was able to get a picture of her before she left the house,


luckily I was able to snag a few pictures of this fun activity from a friend’s post. Gracie said it was a delightful group of girls and a fun event!


And now I will conclude with three random pictures from this past week…


Tyler asked Grace if he could paint her toe nails. She gamely agreed. I think he has a future in spa services. What do you think?!


Winnie…aka Clark Kent. 😉


Co-op friends. I love this picture!


Today we begin PSSAs (state testing)…oh, joy!!

*insert sarcasm*

Wish us luck…

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