It was a “chili” evening


Last night was the annual “chili cook off.”  This is a fundraising event at Church for the youth ages 12-18 to help fund their summer camps. Everyone looks forward to this social event and the friendly competition that comes with it.

IMG_0649 (4)

Families volunteer to bake cornbread or make chili which everyone then enjoys for dinner…

after the judges walk through and sample all the donated dishes so that they can choose the winners.

My kids enjoy sampling the vast variety of chili recipes from the sweet and mild to the flaming hot.

IMG_0634 (2)

We made our family’s favorite chili recipe…pumpkin chili!

IMG_0646 (2)

This year the youth covered the tables with paper and provided crayons which kept the kids busy and happy while waiting for the “dinner bell to ring.”

IMG_0614 (2)

Grace, Molly and Rusty all worked the event with the other youth for whom this dinner benefits.

IMG_0628 (2)

Following dinner the awards were handed out for top chili and corn bread dishes and then it was time for the dessert auction. While families make donations at the door the bulk of the funds raised come from the dessert auction. Dessert is not provided with the chili dinner. Instead people donate homemade desserts that are auctioned off at ridiculously high prices for the sake of the youth program.

Diners can bid on and win desserts for their family to enjoy.

IMG_0630 (2)IMG_0629 (2)IMG_0637 (2)

My big kids all baked for the dessert auction. Molly made marshmallow bars. Gracie decided to switch things up and make chocolate dipped strawberries, and Rusty really switched things up with maple bacon cookies. He found the recipe online and after reading all the positive reviews wanted to give them a try.

IMG_0598 (2)IMG_0602 (2)IMG_0611 (2)

The dessert auction was a success with some dishes going for close to $100.00 each. It is fun to watch the banter and competitiveness of our church family as they battle it out over pies and cakes,

and I know the youth are grateful for all those who come out to support them by buying their homemade treats for ridiculously high prices simply out of love.

IMG_0663 (2)

At the boys’ request Toby bid on a pot of dirt…dessert dirt, that is. This yummy treat made from pudding and crushed Oreos was served in a  flowerpot, complete with silk flowers and gummy worms. I had to get a picture of it before they dug in. Everyone said it was delicious.

IMG_0659 (2)

It was a fun evening and a successful fundraiser for our youth!

IMG_0656 (3)

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