Glad/Sad Days


Have you ever experienced a Glad/ Sad Day?

One of those days that is an emotionally overwhelming mix of happy moments and heartbreaking grief.

While most days are neither completely glad or completely sad, rather a mix of many emotions, there are days are whiplash inducing Glad/Sad days…those days when a perfectly perfect day gets turned on its head by unexpected, devastating news.

Yes, Saturday was one of those days.

The weekend began with a bang. Friday night was filled with running, as the big boys headed in one direction and the big girls headed in another.

Toby, Rusty, and Ozzie had a Boy Scout campout at the Bernard’s house. Ozzie was thrilled, with this being his first official scout campout away from home. On Friday Rusty and Ozzie gathered items on the packing list in preparation for their night away.


When Toby arrived home they headed out and enjoyed a day and a half of scouting fun, including, but not limited to: foil dinners, hikes, playing capture the flag, sleeping in tents, and performing a service project of cutting and stacking firewood.


When the boys left for their fun night the girls and I left with Tyler for a camp meeting in Cranberry. Every summer the girls and I go to girls’camp about two hours away. It is one of my favorite weeks of the year and we are now in the  planning phase for this summer’s camp week. Molly is now a 5th year camper which means she is a youth leader, and Grace is with my group of 7th years as a Junior Camp Director. Because we are all in leadership roles we had a planning meeting to attend. Tyler was stuck tagging along since we were out of big people to babysit. 🙂

I promised him that we would have fun after the meeting though!

Following the camp planning meeting the girls stayed for “Pajamarama,” a fun event for all the 12-18 year old girls in the stake. The leaders had an amazing evening planned for the young women including cupcake decorating, a life size Hungry, Hungry Hippo game, and a spiritual devotional.


The girls all came  their PJs and enjoyed a evening of bonding, friendship and sisterhood.

While the girls were at “Pajamarama” Tyler and I went on a date to the movies. I find those moments of focused one on one attention with a child to be a great gift and a powerful parenting tool. In those moments of undivided attention my children connect and open up to me in a way that rarely happens when we are all together.

For our date night we went to see the new Jungle Book movie.


We had so much fun.

Date night continued (after picking up the girls) with the rare privilege of Tyler being allowed to sleep in Momma and Daddy’s big bed. He was a regular chatterbox as we lay in the dark and he absentmindedly combed my hair that lay across my pillow, with his little boy fingers. In the safety of Momma’s bed and the cover of darkness Tyler poured out his heart and shared in a way that his lack of stillness/quitness rarely allows.

It was 3:00am before his wiggles and chatting stopped but I wouldn’t trade that sharing time for all the lost sleep in the world.


The next morning we rose early for Tyler’s first soccer game of the season. Soccer season has arrived! Unlike football season which brings with it a lot of conflicting thoughts and emotions for this Momma, soccer season is simply a delight. I think the limited commitment (only 2 hours a week), with limited competitiveness (they don’t keep score at Tyler’s age) as well as a different parental dynamic…well it is just delightful. I love the beautiful spring weather, sitting on the sidelines as a family cheering for the kids (wearing both colors of jersey!) and watching Tyler really shine doing what he loves. It does this Momma’s heart good!


Saturday it was just the girls and I cheering Tyler on since the boys were still camping. This year Tyler moved up to the U10 level which means the team is now co-ed. I wasn’t sure how Tyler would do with that. I was concerned he would either be too rough with the girls or be overly cautious playing with girls, but he rolled with the new team dynamic like nothing had changed.


His team had a good game. He was thrilled to see that two of his friends were back on the team and he seems to like his new coach.

It was a happy 12 hours…

then we arrived home and our day turned from glad to sad with the tragic news of a dear friend’s passing.

Wendy, a friend who God brought into my life six years ago and intertwined us through a plethora of large life moments, died in her sleep early Saturday morning. This is the friend who so tragically lost her 24 year old daughter, Amanda, last November…

wendy 1

whose three little children we have been so involved with.


The situation is heartbreaking, not for Wendy who is enjoying a blessed reunion with her daughter, but for the loved ones who are grieving such unexpected news so soon after Amanda’s tragic death…

In particular we grieve for those three babies who have seen more heartbreak, devastating heartbreak, in their short lives than most will see in their lifetime. Please lift those sweet innocents up in prayer.


My heart is heavy… my eyes have been cried dry… and I find myself unable to fully articulate the weight and mix of emotions that have kept me awake late into the night for days.

When I find myself on the brink of being swept under the waves of guilt, grief and worry I grab hold of the only buoy keeping me afloat:

The knowledge that God’s hand is in this situation and that He works all things for good and for a greater purpose…His purpose.


Yes, it was a Glad/Sad weekend.

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