Spring Cleaning


Saturday was the annual spring clean-up at church. This is when all available families from church volunteer a Saturday morning of their time to help with some cleaning tasks around the church. What could be a dreaded task becomes a fun event as everyone works together to tackle some big spring cleaning jobs together. The old adage, “many hands make light work,” is realized when families convened together Saturday morning with gloves, shovels and rakes in hand.

Our ward clean-up began with a pancake breakfast…

IMG_1309 (2).JPG

A brilliantly enticing way to get families to the church on time!  🙂

On the way to the 8:00 am breakfast we made a quick stop to pick up our three little friends who would be spending the weekend with us.

When we arrived we were pleased to see so many families there. The more participants the quicker we get done and the more fun it is!

The event began with a breakfast of pancakes, eggs, sausage, and biscuits with sausage gravy.

IMG_1313 (2)IMG_1316 (2)

Once everyone had full stomachs and were energized, the assigning of jobs took places. Groups of 3 or 4 people were given spring cleaning jobs that needed done around the church.

IMG_1325 (2)

One of the window cleaning teams.


In our church we don’t have a paid custodial staff. Instead, families volunteer a few times a year to clean the church building once during the week. The responsibilities connected to this service include: cleaning the bathrooms, vacuuming the church building, emptying classroom trashcans, shining the glass doors, and washing the classroom chalkboards. With every family participating, this 2- 3 hour commitment only rolls around a couple times a year. The kids have come to enjoy our assigned cleaning weeks. It is an opportunity to work together and teach our children to respect and appreciate the blessing of a church building to worship in. I find that the responsibility of maintaining the building results in children who take better care of the facility and clean-up after themselves, knowing the work it takes to clean up the church. We try to make it a fun family project and usually go out for ice cream after a job well done.

While the weekly cleaning assignments maintain the bulk of the needed tasks around church, there is also a need for some deep cleaning and landscaping that don’t get addressed on a weekly basis. This is where our big spring clean-up event comes into play.

When 100 people show up to devote 4 hours to deep cleaning, organizing, and beautifying the church grounds…the equivalent of 400 man hours… a lot can be accomplished!

IMG_1338 (2)

All the flower beds got a new coating of mulch.


And the more the people, the more the fun!

The assignments were handed out based on age and ability.

The assignments were as varied as the volunteers…

The kids joined up in teams with friends, making the work all the more enjoyable.

IMG_1321 (2)

Here is a peek at all the good work that was accomplished that day:

IMG_1354 (2)

Here is the mulch crew near the end of the morning looking more like a PennDOT crew 😉 I promise they worked very hard. I just caught them during break time. 🙂

IMG_1333 (2)

Cleaning chalkboards and disinfecting doorknobs.

IMG_1367 (2)

Back for another load of mulch!

IMG_1322 (2)

Organizing cupboards…

IMG_1318 (2)

And cleaning out closets.

The most popular job…at least for the under 10 crowd…was helping to pick up the sticks from the tree trimming crew. The perk of unloading piles of branches was a fun ride back in the garden cart!

IMG_1360 (2)IMG_1349 (2)IMG_1352 (2)

By lunchtime the bulk of the “to do” list was done and everyone was feeling that sore but satisfied feeling that comes from hard work and a job well done. Over the course of a few hours the windows got a bit shinier, the yard got a bit tidier, but most importantly…

Family and friend relationships got a bit stronger and sweeter as we worked side by side.


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