End of the year picnic


Two weeks ago we had our last Wednesday co-op for the school year. Our cooperative learning group breaks for the summer and resumes in the fall with the start of the school year. Today was our end of the year picnic. We gathered at Pearson Park to eat and play and celebrate another successful co-op year.

While the grey skies threatened rain, the drops never did fall, and it ended up being a nice day despite the overcast skies.

The end of year picnic always brings feelings of excitement as the reality of an approaching summer break comes into view. I think we are all ready for summer!

The carefree month of June will soon be upon us, but today we celebrated May with good food, good friends, and a sense of accomplishment over a job well done.

How grateful I am for this amazing group of women and kiddos in my life and in the lives of my children. I count this group among my greatest blessings!

IMG_1765 (2)IMG_1775 (2)IMG_1757 (2)IMG_1754 (2)IMG_1751 (2)IMG_1761 (2)IMG_1780 (2)IMG_1788 (2)IMG_1791 (2)IMG_1790 (2)

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