A Rainy Saturday


The day was a wet, rainy one, but that didn’t deter us from the many activities that were scheduled for the day.

The day began with “kid collecting” as Grace and Molly returned from their friend, Stephanie’s, 18th birthday party sleepover.

Rusty also had a birthday sleepover with his good friend, Alton, and some of the boys from co-op.

Nobody got a lot of sleep on Friday night, but there was no time for naps on Saturday. We had a busy day in store!

Our day began with the girls arriving home at 7:30 am. They had signed up to walk in a charity walk with their friends Olivia and Tatum. The 2 mile walk took place in Pearson Park and raised funds for the Alpha Omega Center (a pregnancy counseling center in New Castle.) The walk was a walk for life. The weather was cold and rainy but the girls still had fun walking together for such a good cause.

IMG_2097 (2)IMG_2099 (2)

When the girls were done walking we picked up Rusty and headed home to get Toby and the little boys. They had gone in the opposite direction that morning for Tyler’s soccer game.

Before we parted ways I checked the soccer website and was surprised to see that the fields were open despite the rain and that no games were marked as cancelled, so Toby took off with Tyler in his soccer gear. When he arrived the found they were the only ones there. Games had been cancelled. This has been the reoccurring theme this season. With much rain comes many game and practice cancellations…unfortunately we never seem to get the memo.

Next week will be the last game of the season, which Tyler will miss since we will be out of town. It was an anticlimactic, sad sort of soccer season due to an unseasonably wet spring.

At noon we all piled into the van to drive to the park for a picnic with friends. One of the girls’ dear friends (and a beloved babysitter of our little boys) Cindy Biernesser has returned home from serving an 18 month, full time mission. This was her homecoming picnic. The rain continued to fall but didn’t affect the fun since lunch was served under a pavilion. It was so great seeing her!

After lunch Toby and the kids joined friends out on the connecting ball field for Frisbee fun in the pouring rain.

Then it was back home for a couple of hours of home/ bus work before we were headed to Cranberry for a youth dance.

The kids had invited  Olivia, Lucas and Tatum to join them. The theme was Alice in Wonderland.

Although they didn’t want to dress in costume they did want their outfits to reflect the theme and they carefully chose “Disney Bound” themed outfits that offered a nod of familiarity toward different Alice in Wonderland characters without being true costumes.

Some examples of what I mean by “Disney Bound” outfits:

Here is what they came up with:

IMG_2107 (2)

Grace as the “Queen of Hearts”

Molly as “Alice”

Rusty as “The White Rabbit”

When we arrived we were impressed with the effort and creativity that went into the food and decorations.


It was all so charming!


The kids had a blast!

IMG_2120 (2)

Then it was home again and off to bed. The next few days hold much fun as my sister and niece come into town for our Mother’s Day celebration at the Homestead and Gracie’s 18th birthday party: A Downton Abbey tea party…


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