Take me to the Lake


Michigan is home to more than 11,000 inland lakes…

This weekend we had the pleasure of splashing in three of them.

On Saturday the Toby and Tom left early on a fishing excursion. They were out the door by 7:00am with a packed lunch and plenty of bait. Toby was looking forward to a day on the water. He loves to fish but rarely gets to indulge in one of his favorite pastimes. The busyness of work, parenting, and being a grown up seem to get in the way, so it was nice that the daddies had an opportunity to escape without children for the day and enjoy some R & R on the water.

The hope was that they would catch enough fish for a fish fry dinner one night while we were there.

While they were gone I watched the kids while Kelly headed into town to work a bake sale that she had previously committed to. When she returned home we packed up the beach toys and put on our swimsuits for an afternoon of fun at the lake!

We decided that given lateness of the day we would stick close to home and head to Thumb Lake, a smaller lake near Kelly’s home.

When we arrived we found the water higher than we had ever seen it before, with most of the beach area under water. The crowds were blessedly low despite the holiday weekend and the water was expectedly cold…after all there was snow still falling two weeks ago…

But that didn’t deter any of our brave little swimmers!

P1060015 (2)

They had a wonderful time swimming,


IMG_2591 (2)

Thumb Lake is a beautiful lake!


IMG_2569 (2)

Ozzie conquered his first freezing cold Michigan lake!


Having water gun battles,

IMG_2606 (2)




P1060046 (1)

P1060035 (1)


IMG_2649 (2)


P1060002 (1)

The view through Molly’s eyes!

IMG_2593 (2)

Beautiful lake, beautiful girls!


Playing “color tag” in the water,

IMG_2624 (2)IMG_2627 (2)

And engaging in good old fashioned chicken fights!

IMG_2637 (2)IMG_2636 (2)IMG_2639 (2)

Soon the sky began to darken and it was time to pack up.

P1060019 (1)

The only damper on the day occurred when it was time to leave and Rusty discovered a leech attached to his foot…EEK!

He bravely and patiently waited as the rest of us tried to figure out how to remove the leech that was so firmly attached to his foot. Molly, having recently watched the scene from The African Queen in which Humphrey Bogart is covered in leeches, informed us that we must coat it in salt. Discovering that we left our salt shaker at home she suggested we sprinkle pretzel sticks on it. 🙂


Not wanting to touch it I tried to pull it off with the safety of an empty Twizzler bag over my hand. Yeah, that didn’t work very well. It was like trying to do brain surgery with oven mitts on.

In the end we were able to scrape it off with the clothespin that was used to hold the pretzel bag closed.

Soon after arriving home the daddies showed up. They had a successful day on the lake and were eager to show off their haul.

IMG_2653 (2)IMG_2672 (2)

The kids helped them lay out the fish.

IMG_2665 (2)IMG_2658 (2)

Those fish were then enjoyed on Monday at our Memorial Day fish fry…YUM!


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