Splashing through Northern Michigan



One of the three lakes we enjoyed while visiting Northern Michigan was actually a bay of Lake Michigan.

We decided to take a 45 minute road trip to Petoskey, Michigan. Petoskey is a charming summer town catering to tourists. We decided to spend the day at the State Park.

(Taken from the Petoskey State Park website)

“One of the premier destinations for campers and outdoor lovers is tucked away between Petoskey and Harbor Springs–the Petoskey State Park. What was once the Petoskey Bathing Beach, a park for the city of Petoskey, is now a state park with all the amenities plus a spectacular beach area.

Some of the advertised fun that can be found at Petoskey State Park:

Beach What a beach this is! With spectacular dunes, soft sands, and waves ranging from gentle to wild, this is the place to be. Beach walkers have lots of beach area to roam. “Water walkers”–walking in the shallow areas–should bring beach shoes as the area can be rocky. Kids love this beach because of the shallow areas and floating on tubes is often a great way to spend the day.”

“Petoskey Stones This is the place for Petoskey Stones! Walkers on this beach are often seen with heads down–looking for the fossils that are found here. Because the park is at the end of the Little Traverse Bay, the rocks tend to congregate here.”


We kept our eyes open but never found one of these cool Petoskey stones- Michigan’s state rock.

We loved Petoskey State Park. The sand dunes were stunning. The kids loved climbing up the dunes and jumping into the soft sand below.

IMG_2687 (2)

It was a great place to get some pictures.

IMG_2695 (2)IMG_2717 (2)IMG_2708 (2)IMG_2697 (2)

We set up next to the water. It was fun having the daddies join us for a day at the beach and a waterside picnic.

IMG_2799 (2)IMG_2750 (2)IMG_2732 (2)

First task: Blow up all the floaties.

IMG_2744 (2)

Then the kids headed into the water.

IMG_2754 (2)IMG_2784 (2)IMG_2796 (2)IMG_2770 (2)

IMG_2815 (2)IMG_2826 (2)

Some turned around and headed right back out!

IMG_2781 (2)

The water was cold…very cold…but that didn’t stop some brave souls from enjoying the lake.

IMG_2767 (2)

Others preferred the warmth of the sand.

Here was the sand castle crew:

IMG_2806 (2)IMG_2828

The sand and crashing waves gave the feeling of being at the ocean…minus the pesky salt, sharks, and riptides 🙂

IMG_2835 (2)IMG_2853

It could not have been a more perfect day!



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