A pit stop in Dundee


The drive home from Gaylord, Michigan takes us 7 1/2 hours. The halfway point and a good pit stop along the way is Dundee, Michigan…

which just happens to be home to the second largest Cabela’s store worldwide…

A fitting reason to stop to stretch our legs according to Toby.

IMG_3200 (2)

The stop worked out well. We didn’t need to be home at any certain time on Tuesday, so we had the unusual luxury of being able to waste a few hours wandering and window shopping through this impressive sporting goods store.

IMG_3196 (2)

Cabela’s is better labeled an “experience” than a shopping trip. The huge, ornate taxidermy displays make you feel like you are in a Natural History Museum rather than  shopping for waders or bait.

And the best part of the experience is: IT IS FREE!


Assuming you can resist the urge to impulse buy…

which is not an issue for me, but is perhaps a bit more challenging for Toby 😉

The kids loved walking around and viewing all the wildlife displays.

IMG_3159 (2)IMG_3154 (2)IMG_3146 (3)

And since it was noon on a Tuesday we had the store to ourselves.

IMG_3133 (2)

The kids’ other favorite part of Cabela’s is the freshwater aquarium.

IMG_3164 (2)

Toby enjoyed pointing out the different types of fish to which Tyler would reply, “So, have you caught that fish before?”

IMG_3183 (2)IMG_3177 (2)

The most  outgoing resident of the freshwater aquarium was this little turtle that followed the kids up and down the glass.

IMG_3187 (2)IMG_3172 (2)

When we left Cabela’s we made a quick stop at the gas station next door which also happened to house a Beef Jerky outlet store.

IMG_3215 (2)

When we stepped inside to get drinks we had no idea the adventure that awaited us. On display they had dozens of flavors of jerky for sale.

IMG_3210 (2)

The best part was they had free samples of all their jerky.

IMG_3204 (2)

We had a blast trying all the fun flavors of beef jerky as well as other animal jerky. Here is a picture of the kids giving alligator jerky a try.

IMG_3205 (2)

The consensus: the taste was great, the texture…not so great 🙂

Our two hour pit stop in Dundee, Michigan ended up being a perfect conclusion to our Memorial weekend getaway.

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