Final photos from Pickerel Lake


This last week has been the final push of the 2015/2016 school year. Ozzie and Tyler finished school before we left for Michigan but the three older kids still had a week left. This last week was spent wrapping up the school year with finals and revisions on assignments they wanted to raise their grade on.

Friday was the final mural club meeting for the school year. Last year the big mural project was a wall mural for the lunchroom of the school that required us to drive out to the cyber school building located on the eastern side of the state. We made the journey with Lana and Olivia and had the best time with our two oldest daughters. This year Molly is also involved with mural club, but rather than a wall mural, their end of year project was a series of small canvases that they painted together in an online class. The canvases were mailed to each student and then on Friday morning the mural club students logged on to paint with their teacher. The paintings were of the school logo and will be displayed on the walls of the school.


On Saturday Grace took the SATs for the first time. I know she was nervous. We opted to take them locally and so she was testing with teachers and students she didn’t know. The weeks leading up to the test were filled with SAT prep tests as she worked to familiarize herself with the testing format. Since she has accommodations through the College Board (as a result of her IEP for Dyslexia) she tested in a room with one other student who also was granted extended time by the College Board. It was a blessing that she was approved for those accommodations because she said without them she would have never made it through the test on time. Even with those accommodations she emerged from the school looking like she had just returned from war and expressed gratitude for the fact that test was D-O-N-E!

I’m so proud of her. School is not easy for Grace and yet because it doesn’t come easily she has developed tenacity and diligence that has allowed her to find success in school that perhaps wouldn’t have developed to the same degree had school come easily. She is an honor student that works like crazy to earn each one of those A’s. That tenacity, hard work, and determination will serve her well in her life in a way that would have never happened had school been easy for her.

It is because of this that I am doubly proud of my “soon to be senior.” On Monday she found out she had been chosen as president of the National Honor Society for 21st Century Cyber Charter School. They announced the leadership for the 2016/2017 school year at a meeting on Monday morning. She was so excited! She was doubly thrilled to find out her best buddy was chosen as secretary for NHS. I’m proud of both these girls. Congratulations Grace and Olivia!!!


As we have pushed through this final week of school I’ve had a hard time finding a free moment to share the last photos of our Michigan trip, so here we go. Better late than never, right?

 Memorial Day ended with a lovely evening at Pickerel Lake, one of the prettiest of lakes in Northern Michigan (in my opinion.) It is not too far from Kelly’s house and the drive there takes you through groves of tall stately pine trees, making you feel like you have taken a turn into Canada.

When we arrived there was only a small group of campers on the lake. The kids shed their cover-ups and went straight into the water, enjoying the warmer temperatures that come with a shallower lake. It was so serene…a perfect end to a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. The kids discovered an epic crop of tadpoles in the lake. The kids spent the majority of their time in the water catching and collecting tadpoles…

What better way to start summer!

IMG_2962 (2)IMG_2979 (2)IMG_2997 (2)IMG_3006 (2)IMG_2972 (2)IMG_3065 (2)IMG_3015 (2)IMG_3053 (2)IMG_2999 (2)IMG_2969IMG_3038 (2)IMG_3037 (2)

“Don’t underestimate the value of Doing Nothing, of just going along, listening to all the things you can’t hear, and not bothering.” — Winnie the Pooh

Welcome, Summer!

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