Some final touches…


We are just about to head out on our first overnighter in our converted school bus. The morning was spent packing the bus, removing all Toby’s tools, and decorating it. This is the task I have been waiting 12 months for. I’ve been itching to get my hands on this blank slate and add my creative vision to our home on wheels.

Here’s a peek of what we have been up to this morning:

IMG_4057 (2)

IMG_4063 (2)

We found many organizing treasures at Ikea including these adorable dog tail hooks for everyone’s towels.

IMG_4066 (2)

The master bedroom

IMG_4071 (2)

The kids covered the fridge in magnets from previous trips and adventures.

IMG_4074 (2)

Our HAPPY place!

IMG_4076 (2)

Our kitchen/living/dining room.

IMG_4078 (2)

Boys bunks are completed and ready for bedtime.

IMG_4081 (2)On the wall of our bathroom hangs a framed map of the USA with our bus trip route highlighted.


We are so excited for our first weekend in our tiny home!

small houses

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