The Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round all through the Town



That’s right our bus wheels are now going “all through the town”

Yes, We passed our inspection!


Toby and I were both holding our breath as we waited for news from the mechanic. It seems that the only news we ever get from our mechanic is bad news…very expensive bad news. So you can imagine our shock and delight when he called and told us we had passed and the bus was now street legal. The grand total to make it legal: $39.00. We couldn’t believe it. We have NEVER had a car pass an inspection without something needing fixed or replaced.

It was an unexpected blessing!

The bus conversion work continues to move forward. The inside is nearing completion. We still have cabinet doors to install in the kitchen and bathroom but the doors for all the upper cabinets have been built, stained and installed. We added a touch of whimsy by attaching old license plates (leftover from Tyler’s bedroom border)  to the cabinet faces. I love the punch of color they provide.

IMG_3783 (2)IMG_3269

Grace and Molly have finished sewing the curtains for the  boys’ bunks and now they just need to sew the curtains for the bus windows.

IMG_3771 (2)IMG_3294

Toby finished building our living room bench. This bench, which sits across from the futon that will serve as the girls’ bed at night, has a seat that lifts to hold the girls bedding during the day when the futon is used as the living room couch.


We took apart some of the old school bus seats and used the padding inside to pad the bench and then covered it in a durable, dark blue upholstery fabric.

IMG_3774 (2)

Near the stairs of the bus Toby covered the wood with cork so we have a place to pin post cards and souvenirs of our travels.

IMG_3785 (2)

Next comes the fun part of decorating and adding homey touches.

On Friday, in the midst of strawberry picking, drive-in movies, and visitors, we drove over to pick up our bus. Tyler and I had to leave straight from there to pick up his brother, Sean, but the rest of the crew got to ride the bus back home with Toby.

IMG_3866 (2)

Everyone was so excited!

IMG_3854 (2)IMG_3861 (2)

Toby and I were most excited by the little sticker in the window!

IMG_3859 (2)

The remainder of the summer will be spent addressing the final bus projects before we take our school bus turned RV on the road for our 40 day adventure around the United States of America.

Our “to do” list is getting smaller and the anticipation is growing as we make decisions on how we want to paint the exterior of the bus.

This weekend we are taking the bus out on our first trial run camping trip. We are spending the weekend camping with friends and I think this short trip will give us a better idea of what is working and what needs tweaked before we take her on the road for longer stretches.

“The wheels on the bus go round and round all through the town.”

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