A College Tour of Edinboro


IMG_6286 (2)

On Saturday we attended Gracie’s 2nd college tour. It made for an early morning. On Friday night Grace had attended a young women campout, so the boys and I needed to get out the door by 6:30 am in order to pick up Grace (30 minutes south of us) by 7:00 and be at Edinboro University by 10:00 am for our two-hour tour. Along the way we stopped at the Hudak’s house to pick up Olivia to join us for the tour and to drop off the little boys to spend the day with Miss Lana. She generously offered to babysit while I took the girls on the college tour. It was a blessing. I don’t know how well Tyler would have handled touring a college campus for two hours.

Edinboro University is located 20 minutes south of Erie, Pennsylvania. It is a beautiful area with lush, green, rolling hills.

We arrived at the campus and joined many other perspective students and parents in the student union building where refreshments were offered while we waited for the 30-minute orientation to begin.

IMG_6283 (2)

During the orientation an enrollment advisor gave us an overview of the school, academic programs, social activities, and campus life. Then an advisor from the financial services department spoke about tuition costs, scholarships and grants.

IMG_6290 (2)

Then it was time for the 90-minute tour of the campus. The large crowd was split into smaller groups and were paired with a student tour guide. Our guide was a bit of a disappointment in comparison to our experience touring Kent State which unfortunately soured our impression of the school a bit.

IMG_6292 (2)

The campus, however, was beautiful.  The natural beauty of the area in combination with the old buildings and sculptures scattered around campus made for a beautiful walk.

IMG_6294 (2).JPG

IMG_6303 (2)IMG_6310 (2)IMG_6313 (2)

When the tour ended we headed back to the car where the girls made a pro/con list of Edinboro based on what they saw and experienced. They’ve been doing this immediately after touring a school while the experience is fresh in their mind. Some of the pros on their list were the price, teacher to student ratio, and private bathrooms in the dorms. While the list of cons included limited hours for the library and other buildings on campus, limitations in what they offered for majors in comparison to what the girls are looking for, and co-ed dorms with no non co-ed options.

They found their pro/con list pretty evenly split. They thought it was a nice school but neither were completely sold on it. We will see what happens…

Let the college tours continue!

On our way home we stopped in Meadville for lunch. Lana told us about a local restaurant she had heard good things about called “Julian’s.” We decided to give it a try.

We stepped inside and were in love! It was so charming and funky. It was a small place but the attention to detail and the service was amazing.

IMG_6318 (2)

Gracie was thrilled when the waitress brought out her water and it contained a lemon wedge AND a sliced cucumber. Grace loves cucumber water!

IMG_6320 (2)

The food was amazing. Some of the BEST food we have ever tasted!!!

IMG_6321 (2)

If you find yourself in the Meadville area stop by “Julian’s” and give it a try.

 You will not be disappointed!

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