Fun with Jellystone and Chocolate


IMG_6774 (2)

We survived the first two week stretch with Toby, Molly and Rusty out of town. The days were long and sometimes difficult but the experience made me appreciate Toby all the more and gave me new found respect for all the women who do it alone. This single parenting stuff is tough!

By the end of the second week of solo flying I was counting down the hours until Toby arrived home.

He and the kids were coming home for two days. We wanted to fit in one more short camping trip with the bus before our 6 week, cross country trip. This mini vacation provided us the opportunity to work out the final kinks of bus living and helped us make a final “to do” list of tasks we would like to complete before we leave.

We decided to camp 1 1/2 hours away near Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Ohio, the closest national park to home. In 10 days we will be leaving on an epic adventure to visit many of our country’s national parks. This visit to a local national park allowed us the opportunity to purchase our America the Beautiful park pass. This National Park pass will allow us entrance into all the National Parks for a cost of $80.00. A definite money saver for our trip!

IMG_6776 (2)

We decided to camp at the Akron/Canton Jellystone Park. We love Jellystone Parks. The cost is a bit higher than other campgrounds ($60.00/night) but what you get for that added cost is well worth the investment! This Jellystone park offered a gorgeous swimming pool, water slides, playgrounds, mini golf, as well as so many fun activities…all free to campers.

IMG_6839 (2)

We arrived on Friday evening. We made quite the entrance in our Rolling Gnomes bus and ended up giving many tours to curious campers throughout the weekend. 🙂

IMG_6673 (2)

It was a wonderful weekend. The campground was beautiful and we had so much fun. It was wonderful having Toby, Molly and Rusty back home. The weekend was just what we needed to recharge our batteries for the next two week stretch without Toby. Here is a look into some of the fun we enjoyed at Jellystone Park!

IMG_6771 (2)

I may have to get one of these for home! 😉


Much of our weekend was spent at the pool. It was a hot weekend and the pool felt delicious! I loved the fact that all sides of the pool were sloped for easy entrance and exits. It felt for like a beach than a pool.

IMG_6945 (2)

The kids loved the water slides.

IMG_6949 (2)

And everyone had fun with the diving board. The diving board was a novelty for my crew since none of the places we usually swim have a diving board. They all had fun bouncing and splashing into the water.

IMG_7017IMG_6959 (2)

Tyler spent hours perfecting his dive.

IMG_6968 (2)

The campground offered lots of fun DRY playing areas as well. The boys had lots of places to run and play.

There were playgrounds:

IMG_6793 (2)

Fun with nuts and bolts.

IMG_6941 (2)

Teaching Molly the daring sport of tetherball!


A 100 foot slide:

IMG_6705 (2)IMG_6689 (2)IMG_6684 (2)

A really fun cyclone swing that everyone had fun with:

IMG_6932 (2)IMG_6730 (2)IMG_6731 (2)

One evening we played a round of mini golf. We split our group into two smaller groups. Toby, Grace and Tyler played against each other with Toby winning in their group, while the rest of us made team #2 with Rusty winning in our group.

IMG_7203IMG_7160 (2)IMG_7206

Throughout the weekend the campground offered fun hourly activities that the kids could participate in.

Ozzie LOVED the firetruck rides in the evening!

IMG_6822 (2)IMG_6818 (2)

On Saturday morning there was an animal show that we all enjoyed. Outback Ray came with his mobile petting zoo. He was wonderful. The show was informative and entertaining. The kids had the opportunity to pet all the animals and some of my kids even got to help with the show.

IMG_6859 (2)

IMG_6863 (2)

Molly spotting the chinchilla.

IMG_6872 (2)

Chinchilla kisses!

IMG_6886 (2)

Ozzie sporting a stylish and slithery new necktie.

IMG_6899 (2)

Rusty holding a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach

IMG_6909 (2)

Meet Yoda, the Armadillo.

IMG_6921 (2)


The campground theme for the weekend was CHOCOLATE! Many of the fun hourly activities revolved around chocolate fun. The kids had fun with the chocolate games, including “pudding plop”

IMG_7022 (2)IMG_7058 (2)IMG_7060 (2)IMG_7043 (2)IMG_7065 (2)

And the chocolate slip n slide:

IMG_7087 (2)IMG_7074 (2)IMG_7114 (2)IMG_7122 (2)IMG_7132 (2)

After rolling in chocolate the kids were craving something sweet so after everyone scrubbed the chocolate out of their hair Toby treated them to ice cream at the “Pic-a-nic Basket” ice cream shop.

IMG_6843 (2)

The little boys loved the unexpected visitors that stopped by our campsite!

IMG_7149 (2)IMG_7155 (2)

When we weren’t taking part in all the fun that Jellystone Park had to offer we were enjoying traditional camping fun like s’mores around the campfire.

IMG_7006 (2)IMG_7215

On Sunday we drove over to Cuyahoga National Park to do some hiking. It was a beautiful park!

IMG_7236 (2)IMG_7259 (2)IMG_7256 (2)IMG_7247 (2)

On Monday Toby, Molly, and Rusty were on the road again… back to Michigan. It was wonderful having them home. Thank you Akron/Canton Jellystone Park! We had a wonderful visit!!

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