Soaking in Hot Springs


After a busy Labor Day weekend spent at Yellowstone and Grand Tetons National Parks, the promise of a laid back, catch-up day sounded wonderful.

On Monday morning we left our campsite in West Yellowstone and made the two hour drive to Rexburg, Idaho. What brings us to Rexburg, Idaho, you might ask? A college tour!

Grace spent much of the summer touring colleges near home since she is now entering her senior year and will soon have to begin applying to the colleges that she is interested in. Since we were headed west we added a few college tours to our itinerary, knowing we wouldn’t be passing this way again for a long time.

Rexburg, Idaho just happens to be home to BYU Idaho, one of the colleges Grace is considering. We had a college tour scheduled for 9:00 am Tuesday morning for her and Molly and Rusty to tour this prospective college.

Monday, however, was wide open.

We arrived at our campground, Wakeside Lake RV Park, by noon on Monday and were pleased to discover we had been blessed with more great RV neighbors. These neighbors happened to be traveling a similar site-seeing loop, only moving in the opposite direction we are. We were able to share some pointers of our experiences east of there and they were able to share some must see stops that we would encounter as we headed west.

Once the RV was parked and hooked up we began making lunch. Everyone was still chilled from our frosty wake-up of 34 degrees, so everyone requested Raman Noodles for lunch. While not my top meal choice, I must admit it hit the spot and warmed us all up.


We decided to take advantage of our “down day” and get caught up on chores around the bus.

Toby tinkered with the bus, refilling fluids, while the kids and I did a deep clean of the inside. Everyone has daily cleaning chores that maintain the general cleanliness of the bus and keep things in good order, but we decided to take a little time to do a deeper cleaning of inside cabinets and under chairs.


I am loving living a simpler life in a smaller space. We deep cleaned our entire “home” in under 30 minutes!

We also took advantage of the campground laundry facilities and got caught up on all our laundry. We were down to our last outfits so the timing couldn’t have been better.

Each person has a bin that hold 6 outfits in addition to the outfit they are wearing. This means we can get away with doing laundry weekly.


Everyone pitched in and helped.


While we waited for clothes to dry everyone was sent to the showers for a good scrubbing.

By the time dinner rolled around we had full bins of clean clothes, a scrubbed bus, and shinny, spiffy kids.

The reward for all our effort was an evening at the Hot Springs.


We decided to take the kids to Green Canyon Hot Springs, a local hot springs, to experience the unique pleasure of soaking in natural hot springs.

When we arrived I was delighted with this quirky, kitschy place. In business since 1906, and built upon in the 1940s, it had an old fashioned, worn down charm.


Green Canyon Hot Springs is comprised of two different pools, fed by a 115 degree spring.

There is a large indoor spring fed pool that is a steady 96 degrees


and an outdoor spring fed hot tub that is 105 degrees.


We found ourselves alternating between the hot tub and the pool.


Both felt wonderful!

Outside there was also a cold dipping pool that boasted a bone-chilling temperature of  55 degrees.


The kids like dipping in the cold pool and then racing back into the hot tub.

We stayed until our skin was shriveled and the little boys were sufficiently worn out.

Then it was a race to the bus, through the chilly parking lot in wet swim suits, to see who got to change into their warm PJs in the bathroom first.


We turned on the bus heater and hung the wet towels from magnetic hooks on the ceiling to dry during our 30 minute ride back to the campground.


The next morning the three big kids and I were dropped off at BYU Idaho campus for our 9:00 am tour. We were so impressed with the school. Our tour guide was wonderful and it was, by far, the best college tour experience we have had so far. All three kids loved the school and the tour,


and they even walked away with fun goodies like drawstring bags, water bottles and t-shirts.


BYU Idaho is a beautiful school!


Then we were on the road again, heading south into Utah.


Next stop: Salt Lake City, Utah

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