Viva Las Vegas



Monday we found ourselves still stuck in Las Vegas waiting for some resolution with the boys’ medication dilemma. We decided to take advantage of the free shuttle service offered from our KOA campground to the Las Vegas strip.

Toby has wanted to visit the Las Vegas strip for years after seeing multiple documentaries about the different hotels on the strip. As someone who has worked in construction his whole life he was eager to see all the amazing architecture found in the themed hotels of Vegas.

There was a bit of concern about taking the kids downtown Vegas, but we were told that things were pretty tame during the day, and that was the case… for the most part.


It was thrilling to experience the energy and sites of Downtown Vegas as we moved from iconic hotel to iconic hotel.


Our first stop was the Venetian Hotel, known for its Italian décor and gondola rides around the hotel.



Check out this ceiling!



It really was stunning.


As we walked around the hotel we passed the wax museum and stopped for a quick picture with Nicholas Cage.


Other sites we enjoyed were the Bellagio musical fountains,


The gardens at the Flamingo,


And the iconic structures like the Statue of Liberty and Eiffel Tower found on the strip.


I thought the neatest sites were the artists and musicians that lined the strip. We stopped and watched one artist who was creating magnificent paintings using only spray paint and a knife edge.


This is one of his finished pieces:


Our final stop, as the sun sank in the sky, was M&M World…our favorite stop of the day.


It reminded us a lot of Chocolate World in Hershey, Pa.


It was four stories of M&M merchandise,

All 22 flavors of M&Ms,


The M&M race car…Ozzie was in heaven!


And a fun, free 3-D show starring the M&M buddies.


When we left M&M World Vegas was lit up in a rainbow of colors…

and the more colorful residents of Vegas had also crawled out of their holes.

Along the strip their were all sorts of crazies dressed in sad looking Disney costumes charging money to pose with tourists. This was such a foreign concept for the kids who had just returned from Disneyland.

When Tyler wanted to run over and give a creepy looking Olaf a “warm hug” I had to explain that we don’t give warm hugs to Las Vegas Olaf, only the Disneyland Olaf.


The entire walk back was like walking through a field of visual land mines with me averting their eyes with directions like, “Look left, look right…LOOK UP!” as we moved through “Sin City.”


We were glad to make it to our shuttle bus.

Vegas was an interesting dichotomy of beauty and filth.

We are glad we had the opportunity to see all the good that Las Vegas had to offer, but I can honestly say it was a bit of a shock to the system going from the “Happiest Place on Earth” to “Sin City,”

I can now say I’ve seen it and don’t need to return. 🙂

Next Stop: The Grand Canyon

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