Visiting ALIENS in Roswell, NM



According to The Mutual UFO Network  (MUFON), the largest privately funded UFO research organization in the world, there were about 500 reported sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) every month mainly in North America in 2011. But, there’s only one town in the world who is synonymous with UFOs and extraterrestrial beings – Roswell, New Mexico.

This town was thrust into international news after a mysterious incident in July 1947. Eyewitnesses claim seeing a shiny unidentified flying object crash to the ground in a ranch field northwest of Roswell. The foreman and a neighboring boy found metal chunks of what appeared to be an aircraft that exploded. Investigators from the nearby Roswell Army Field removed the debris and at first claimed it was a “crashed disk” and later retracted claiming it was a weather balloon instead.

It wasn’t until 1978 when several articles and research surfaced claiming to have interviews with witnesses, both military and civilian personnel, to the 1947 event. Through the years, these researchers believed the Roswell Incident was part of a US Government cover-up which actually recovered an aircraft that was not from this world. The Roswell stories have spun to involve recovering large debris of exotic metals and retrieving of extraterrestrial bodies. It doesn’t help that the government keeps a tight lip, with secrecy oaths and showing minimal public records leading to many unanswered questions.” -The World is a Book

With all the hype we couldn’t wait to get a taste of the alien craze with a visit to Roswell, New Mexico on our way to Carlsbad Caverns…


We just couldn’t resist!

Roswell, New Mexico has learned to embrace the alien craze in a fun, quirky way, playing up the alien angle on every front…

From alien street lamps,


to alien signage throughout the town.


I couldn’t help but laugh at the “Aliens Welcome” sign that hung in front of Arby’s, and the bank that was named: “Out of This World Credit Union.”


Even the McDonalds was uniquely shaped to look like a flying saucer.


In town there are a variety of small shops catering to the sci-fi enthusiasts and alien hunters.

There is also the  Roswell International UFO Museum and Research Center.

This museum, comprised of hundreds of newspaper clippings, photos, and testimonials from people around the world who have shared their stories of sightings,

makes Roswell a mecca for alien enthusiasts.

But we didn’t visit there..

Instead we visited the lesser known and even less credible Area 51 Museum, where we spent an hour taking photos with the REAL DEAL!.

Located in a back room of Alien Zone on main street, this run down, hokey joint gave us our money’s worth of entertainment. The cost was $3.00/adult (children were free).


I don’t know when I have ever laughed so hard!

There, hidden in the back room of a run down alien boutique, we found the elusive aliens that seekers all over the world have been looking for.

It all began when we stepped though the doors of the Area 51 museum.


There we found the transport vehicle that brought these extraterrestrials here to Earth.


It was unreal. They were living among us in the most American of ways…

One invited Molly and Rusty in to watch a little TV.


Another invited Grace over for a backyard barbeque, but only if she would grill!


I bellied up to the bar for a deep and meaningful chat with the bartender. He was such a good listener.


And Molly went on her first date at a local café.


We were surprised by her fellow. He wasn’t her normal type. We think Molly was attracted to his BIG, brown eyes.


Then Tyler and Rusty “dropped in” to visit some of the locals.


All was well, until I overheard a sinister plot. These Roswell locals were not what they seemed!


There was something creepy going on in this one horse town!


It all came to a head when Molly took one guy up on his offer for a free massage. She lay down on the massage table and discovered this was no massage! It was a ghastly experiment.


And the evil geniuses behind the experiment were these two!


Luckily, Ozzie sped onto the scene, saving the day, and rescuing us from those “friendly Roswell locals” who turned out to be…




Wow, what a town!

Next stop: Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico

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