Gorgeous Grace


Gracie is a senior this year…


I am not sure how that happened.

It seems it was but a moment ago she was in the toddling phase, just leaning how to navigate, and now she is perched at the edge of the nest ready to take flight.

This is such an exciting time of life for her as she looks out on her future, full of such possibilities. She is loving her senior year and we are enjoying all the senior year milestones that come with this stage of life.

Yesterday we enjoyed another senior year bonding moment as mother and daughter when Grace and I had a photography date at the park.

Rather than hire someone else to photograph her for senior pictures we decided it would be more fun to do it ourselves. Grace and I both have a love of photography and felt we were adept enough behind the camera to pull off at least a couple successful shots for her official senior photos.

I always feel the best shots are the ones taken when the person behind the lens and in front of the lens are connected. There is a sincerity in the smile and a love reflective in the eyes of the model that doesn’t come across as well when there isn’t a relationship between the photographer and the person in front of the camera.

We made a mini date out of it.

It was a needed break for both of us as we stepped outside in the gorgeous fall weather, away from the struggles inside the house, to simply play in the leaves. We had fun choosing props reflective of Grace, her personality, and her story and scoping out the perfect natural backdrops.

In the end the results are exactly what Grace was hoping for.

Sure, the quality of my work may not compare to the gentleman who has a professional photography business set up on Main Street, but there is a sparkle in Grace’s eyes that would have never been found if a stranger had been on the other side of the camera.

We played.

We laughed.

And we made some incredible mother/daughter memories that are priceless.

Oh, how I love my sweet Grace!

Here are some of her favorite shots:

(PS- She’s love some feedback on which ones you think she should choose.)





































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  1. I agree. There is something special about #15.

    P.S. – I loved reading about your trip out west. I looked forward everyday to reading about your adventure. I cannot wait to hear about your next one!

  2. Great shots! I am terrible at posing people and you do it very well. One thing that might come in handy for outdoor portraits is a reflector to bounce some light into the shadows and add catch light to the eyes. I love your work.

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