Halloween Fun



This Halloween played out a bit differently that Halloweens of the past. In fact there was little that was the same. Traditions that we have enjoyed for years were set on the back burner as we enjoyed some new holiday fun. I’m still on the fence as to how I feel about the changes, but whether I would choose to keep with the new ways of celebrating this favorite holiday, or whether I would go back to our old traditions if given the choice, it was still  a fun Halloween weekend.

The holiday festivities began on the Saturday before Halloween with our church’s fall party. This was our first time of the season donning our costumes since our church didn’t participate in the  “trunk or treat for seniors” activity that we have traditionally done in the past. Since we were gone for the month of September and the first part of October we were out of the loop as to why it didn’t happen this year. I do hope it is a tradition that will return in the future as it is a favorite service activity of our family.

We also didn’t host the church’s  “Trunk or Treat” and Halloween party this year. We have played host to this event for quite a few years but were uncertain as to how it would play out with our family returning from vacation in mid-October. No one had contacted us about hosting it so I thought perhaps they had changed things up this year. They had. And it was good that it worked out that way since Toby had to leave for Michigan and it would have been a tall order to try to pull off such a large scale activity without his help.

This year the party was held at church. It was a chili/soup dinner with some fall activities for the kids. It was nice to be able to show up without any responsibility, but the night ended up being bittersweet as we were missing Toby.

Everyone dressed in their Halloween costumes as the characters from the Disney movie, “Inside Out.”


Dinner was yummy.


They girls helped out by working the face painting table.


Our next opportunity to wear our costumes came on Monday evening. After Gracie’s senior portrait photo session we raced home to transform from this:


to this:


We decided to forgo our usual trick or treating route in Koppel, and trick or treat with the Hudak family instead. We were missing Toby and not having him with us for what is most likely Gracie’s last time trick or treating with the family was hard, so rather than feel Toby’s absence by walking the same streets we have as a family for 8 years, we decided to spend the evening enjoying the company of friends.


We met at Lana’s parents’ house to trick or treat in their neighborhood.

The Hudak kids were also dressed as characters from a Disney movie. They went as the crew from  “The Emperor’s New Groove.”


But the character that received the most attention was Woody. who dressed as Donald Trump. Playing up the character well, he drew a lot of attention as people stopped him in the streets to take selfies with him. 🙂


After a fun night of trick or treating we returned to Lana’s parents’ home for dinner and so the kids could enjoy the best part of trick or treating… the sorting and trading of candy!


Round 3 of Halloween took place on Wednesday. Once again, this Halloween celebration was different than years past. We opted to forgo the traditional Halloween party. As the average age of the co-op kids gets older the way we celebrate the holidays seems to be changing as well. It is a bittersweet transition.

The kids did want to wear costumes though. So despite the fact it was now November many of the kids showed up to co-op on Wednesday wearing costumes.

At our house things switched up a bit when Ozzie opted to not wear a costume and Tyler and Rusty wore something different than their “Inside Out” costumes. It worked out better that way since we found it took us around 90 minutes to get everyone’s hair and make-up done in their “Inside Out” looks. Since we leave early on Wednesday mornings it was probably a good thing we only had half of us to “make-up.”


Rusty wore his Disney gear and went as Mickey Mouse.


Tyler wore his football uniform and went as a football player.


The kids at co-op had fun showing off their costumes and exchanging candy.


The 3rd and 4th graders had a movie day and watch “The Thief Lord.”


It was a very different Halloween for us

but in the end, although not traditional, it was nice.


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