Be Kind



What burdens are you carrying this day?


There are moments in life that shake you to the very core.

We call these:

“close call” moments,

“narrowly avoiding tragedy” moments,

“what could have been” moments,

“perspective changing” moments,

“come to Jesus” moments.

These seconds of life jar us from our complacency

and often change the very course of our journey.

We had a “kick you in the gut” sort of week.

I am not going to share what transpired this week. For the safety and protection and privacy of one of my children, I cannot share.

But I also can’t post light hearted photos and not acknowledge the fact that this was a week that changed our family. I blog to record our family’s story. The good moments, the hard moments, but mainly the victorious moments when God reveals himself in the midst of circumstances. I share our “Come to Jesus,” “We are not alone” moments to encourage and strengthen you in your own walk with the Lord and to help me remember to look for Him in my own walk.

The details of the experience are not important, but the lesson we walked away with, is.

You never know when life as you know it will change forever.

Tomorrows are not promised.

In a moment life as you know it can be flipped upside down or taken away.

Heavenly Father has been driving this message home through multiple events these last few weeks but powerfully brought this message to the forefront this last week.

The other message that has echoed powerfully in the midst of all that we went through this past week was the importance of kindness in our walk.

This message struck me time and time again as I carried a silent, unknown, heavy burden through daily living this week. As I moved through routine activities, as though all was well, I found myself looking at others, thinking to myself, “You have no idea the weight I am shouldering,”

While at the same time being struck with the realization that so many people that I was mindlessly interacting with were probably carrying an equally heavy, silent burden.

As friends, we often are very open and free with our words when discussing the minor irritations and frustrations in our lives. No place is this more evident than in the world of social media where the things we post highlights these irritations and give us a forum to commiserate. But when it comes to the hard stuff, the deep stuff, the life changing tragedies that are too personal and too raw to share, we are silent…

Understandably so.

Some things are just too vulnerable to share,

But it is important to remember that although we may not be “sharing” our heavy heartbreaks with each other, they are still there. Every person you meet is battling something hard in their life.

All of us move through life with some unseen load resting heavy on our weary shoulders.


Some will choose to talk about the weight they carry, while many will trudge ahead, silent in their struggle,

But ALL carry a load.

During certain seasons of our life the weight of those struggles find us bent over, unable to straighten up under the burden, while other times we walk with a lighter step. The weight of the load we carry ebbs and flows with time, and we can never be certain how heavy the load is on the shoulders of those who walk near us.

Knowing this…

Let us be more careful to not judge the walk of another. (For who knows, we may one day find ourselves shouldering a similar load.)

Let us be more patient with those we meet who seem to be standing still and not moving forward. (We never know how exhausting the burdens are that they carry.)

And let us be kind…

Oh, my friends, please let us be kind!

Let us encourage.

Let us cheer each other on.

Let us walk side by side.

Let us spent less time judging and more time loving.

When possible, let us lift some weight from another’s shoulders and lighten their load,

And if we can’t do that then let us at least take their hand, walk beside them, and let them know they are not alone.

Let us all be more kind.


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