Fly High!



Friday morning was spent “Flying High” at Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park.


21st Century Cyber Charter School, the school that my oldest four children belong to, sponsored an Adventure Club activity in our area of the state.

The Adventure Club is one of 20+ clubs offered in the school. The school clubs can be teacher or student led and provide fun/social/learning opportunities for students in a variety of areas and covering a variety of interests.

Some clubs my kids have joined in the past include: Mural Club, Fandom Club, Photography Club, Lego Club, Epic Gaming Club, and Adventure Club.


Adventure Club is run by the P.E. and health teachers at 21cccs. This club offers monthly activities around the state reflective of their club name. Outings include things like hikes, snow tubing, and white water rating. Because the teachers try to provide opportunities for students all across the state of Pennsylvania to attend there is usually one or two outings offered in the Pittsburgh area throughout the school year.

This past Friday they offered a Adventure Club activity at Sky Zone, an indoor trampoline park an hour away from us.


We have been to this Sky Zone before on two previous field trips with other cyber schools in past years. Everyone enjoyed themselves and were eager to return!

The outing was scheduled to last for three hours: 30 minutes for lunch, two hours for jumping, and 30 minutes for extra credit work.

When we arrived the kids all signed in and put on their special gripping socks for jumping.

(Look at Rusty’s feet size in comparison to Molly’s on the left and Grace’s on the right.)


As we waited for our two hour jump time to begin the kids were given worksheets containing word problems relating to the math and physics of the Sky Zone activity that they could work on and fill out for 25 bonus points to be applied to their math grade.


All the kids who are taking a PE or Heath class could also get credit for one of their lessons in exchange for participating.

It was a win/win…a fun activity PLUS class credit!

At Sky Zone there are four different areas for guests to enjoy. There is an open jump area that contains many connected small trampolines that join together to make a huge, open jumping area.


The sides of this room are lined with tilted trampolines that the kids can bounce and flip from.


There is a basketball area. This is a fun area for the kids, regardless of whether they are sporty or not. The trampoline base to the “court” allows for major NBA air and killer slam dunks.


The foam pit is where the big kids spent the majority of their time. This area allows guests to bounce off trampolines into a big pit filled with foam cubes. The kids had fun flipping, spinning and flying into the foam.



The final play area, and the place where Tyler spent almost his entire time, was the dodgeball court.


This area is set up much like the large, open bounce room but is strictly for playing dodgeball. An employee of Sky Zone acts as referee as kids choose sides, grab the dodge balls scattered across the trampoline surface, and wait for the whistle to blow.


Tyler made a best buddy in the dodge ball arena. Mr. Galette, a PE teacher at the kids’ school, became the object of Tyler’s attention and admiration when he discovered the dodge ball skills Mr. Galette possessed. Tyler followed him around, wanting to be on the same team as “Hey, Teacher!”


Ozzie also made a friend. While bouncing in the large room Ozzie befriended Ian, another 6th grader who reminded me so much of Ozzie. Together the two of them bounced for two hours while quizzing each other on weather facts and geography trivia. It was a buddy match made in heaven!


When Ozzie spotted me on the sidelines he pulled Ian over to introduce me to his, “Best friend, Ian.” Needless to say, Ian’s mom and I exchanged contact information, both thrilled with the connection the boys made.

The activity ended with a mannequin challenge, a  popular challenge that is making the rounds on social media. The kids and teachers posed in frozen positions to look as though they were mid-game when time stood still,

while someone with a video camera moved through the sea of frozen bodies capturing a moment frozen in time.


It was neat to watch as students chose creative, still poses to represent a day full of motion.


Everyone left with tired muscles and sweaty faces.


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