What is new with you?


The last week has been crazy but good. Here is a quick peek into all that has been happening in our neck of the woods!

  1. Last Wednesday was Waffle and PJ day at co-op.



Here are some of our PJ crew.


We have themed days scattered throughout the year at co-op to liven things up and give the kids something fun to look forward to. PJ day is always a favorite…with Moms and kids, alike. The kids love an excuse to come in comfy pajamas and the fact that not having to get dressed means getting to sleep in a bit later. The moms love the fact that waffle or pancake days mean not having to pack lunches. Instead everyone brings an ingredient needed for the waffles, sides or drinks and during the third hour the moms start making waffles for the lunch hour.


It’s a win/win for all involved!


And the waffles were delicious.


2.       This past Sunday Molloy received her second Personal Progress medallion. Personal Progress is a goal program for the young women of our church. This incredible program leads the girls through a series of activities and projects that help the girls develop and enhance certain values in their lives including: Faith, Divine Nature, Individual Worth, Knowledge, Choice and Accountability, Good Works, Integrity, and Virtue.

The Young Women can begin working on the Personal Progress program when they are 12 years old.

Molly completed her Personal Progress booklet when she was 14, earning her medallion. (She choose the silver medallion.)

Following the completion of the booklet they can then earn an Honor Bee (a metal bumblebee charm to add to their medallion necklace,) that requires scripture reading and an additional 40 hours of community service.

After earning her Honor Bee Molly decided she wanted to complete the Personal Progress Program a second time. She has a great love for Personal Progress and it has proven to be a strengthening influence in her life, so for the last two years she has worked hard to earn a second medallion. (This time she choose gold.)


Molly has put hundreds of hours of work into the program and we were so proud to see her be acknowledged this past Sunday for her efforts.

We are so proud of you Miss Molly, and the young lady you have become!

3.    This weekend Rusty spent time with my parents at the Homestead. When it is one of the kids’ birthdays my parents invite them to their farm to spend the weekend. My kids love this special one on one time with their grandparents. My folks make it special for the birthday kid by filling the weekend with activities tailored to that child.

With Rusty they went to see Dr. Strange, enjoyed Wooster’s “light up night,” and ate at his favorite restaurant.

Because we were traveling the country during the time of his actual birthday in October, this was a belated birthday weekend celebration. Rusty had a blast. I think he could get used to this whole “only child” way of life! 🙂

On Sunday afternoon we all drove out to the Homestead to collect Rusty and celebrate his and Tyler’s birthdays with Mimi and Pop Pop. It was wonderful seeing them! We hadn’t seen them since before our trip in August, so it was wonderful catching up!

We had a delicious dinner,


The boys opened their gifts from my parents (Who could not have picked more perfect gifts for both boys!)

And then played games and laughed…laughed…and laughed some more.


It was a perfect evening!

4.  Tuesday, November 22nd was Ozzie’s “Gotcha Day.”

Two years ago, yesterday, we stood before a judge and legally adopted Ozzie into his forever family. It was a special day, indeed. Every year we celebrate both little boys’ adoption days, better known as their “Gotcha Days,” by allowing them to pick a fun family activity.

This isn’t something expensive or elaborate but rather an activity that they enjoy doing that they would like the family to do together. The personalities and interests of each boy drive the decision of how to spend this special day.

Ozzie has been looking forward to his “Gotcha Day” for months and has been changing his mind daily as to how he wanted to celebrate. For a while he talked of wanting to attend a construction machinery auction that was scheduled in Pittsburgh on the 22nd, then he was talking about the family spending the afternoon at the local junkyard checking out the abandoned cars, so I must say I really feel like I dodged a bullet when he finally settled on his chosen activity. He decided he wanted the family to have a Thomas the Train Netflix marathon while enjoying Munchies.




I was so glad he made the choice he did, especially given how crazy our day was yesterday with school, a doctor’s appointment, two therapy appointments, a Boy Scout advancement interview for Rusty, Olive’s 8:00 pm puppy training class, and packing to leave for Michigan the following day.

It he had wanted to go explore the junkyard for his “Gotcha Day” we would have made it happen, but I was so relieved I didn’t need to make it happen. A Thomas Train marathon with Munchies, while snuggled on the couch after a long day, was the perfect way to celebrate Ozzie and his joining our family.

Today we leave for Michigan where we will get to spend Thanksgiving with Toby and my sister’s family. We are all excited to see Daddy and to get away for a few days as we celebrate all there is to be grateful for,

because there is SO MUCH to be grateful for!

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