The Nutcracker Ballet


On Friday we kicked off the month of December and the start of the holiday season with a visit to the ballet.


21st Century Cyber Charter School planned a field trip on our side of the state to see a production of The Nutcracker Ballet. When we saw that it was in New Castle, at the Scottish Rite Cathedral, as opposed to downtown Pittsburgh and that the cost of tickets were only $3.00/person, we jumped at the chance to attend.

The girls were excitedly anticipating the show and the boys were excited to see their friends and teachers. Only Tyler was dead set against our trip to the ballet. He insisted he would not be attending and when I explained he had no choice and must go with the family he let me know he planned on keeping his eyes closed the whole time because, “ballet is gross!”

Even sharing the fact that some of the best football players take ballet lessons to improve their skills on the field only led to him deciding a football career in the NFL was no longer in his future and that instead he would be a professional soccer player when he grows up.

I told him that he would be going and that I wanted him to at least give the show a chance before making a judgement. The big kids and I coerced and teased a little with promises of sword fights, stunts and a big explosion.

Even with all the groundwork laid I knew how the whole thing would probably play out and made sure my cell phone was fully charged and open to the “Candy Crush” game before the show began…

You know, just in case!

On Friday morning we woke and got ready to leave by 9:00 am. Molly insisted that we dress appropriately for the ballet and ignore the casual business dress code on the invitation in favor of  nicer church dress.



We arrived at the beautiful venue with twenty minutes to spare and enjoyed seeing all of our co-op friends as well as the school teachers in attendance.


When the doors opened we filed inside to find the seats reserved for our school group. We joined hundreds of other school students from local schools for this performance of New Castle Regional Ballet’s performance of The Nutcracker.


The show began and we were pleased by the impressive caliber of talent found in this regional ballet troupe. The majority of the dancers were children with the exception of some of the professional lead dancers. The littlest preschool aged dancers were particularly delightful dressed as mice, scampering around the stage.



Tyler made it about 30 minutes into the show before I had to pull out Candy Crush… which means he lasted about 28 minutes longer than I expected.


He did look up when a canon fired on stage and Ozzie asked it that was the “big explosion” we were joking about the day before.

After intermission Ian, the friend that Ozzie made while at the Sky Zone outing, found Ozzie in the crowd and asked if he could come sit with him and his mom for the second half of the show. Ozzie was thrilled!

The show was wonderful and the kids (with the exception of Tyler) were glad that we went. After the show we gathered our co-op group in the lobby for a group picture for the yearbook before we all headed home.


We had to be home by 2:00pm to meet a school phycologist that was coming to the house to reevaluate Grace for the last and final IEP update before college.

We are so glad we attended. It was a beautiful performance and a great way to kick off the Christmas season!


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