A “Snow Day” Sabbath



This past Sunday was declared a “Snow Day” at Patchwork Farm.

Our driveway situation left us stranded with no way to get to church, so we had to declare it a Sabbath Day at home.

We made the best of the situation, enjoying spirit-strengthening activities and a family devotional/scripture study time together, since we couldn’t get any of our vehicles out of the driveway to get to church.

It ended up being a restful day at home. After months apart it was kind of nice to have forced stay-at-home time as a family, despite the driveway frustrations.

Our day was spent listening to Christmas hymns, participating in #Light the World service activities, and reconnecting as a family.


Molly wallpapered my door with Post-it notes of encouragement for the #Light the World challenge. Love that girl!


The kids spent the afternoon finishing their homemade Christmas gifts. I love seeing the thought and love they put into their gift giving.


In the evening we sat down as a family and decorated Christmas cookies. Earlier in the week I had baked sugar cut-out cookies for the cub scouts to decorate. I baked extra and put them in the freezer, waiting for Toby to arrive home so we could decorate them as a family.


It was wonderful.


With the sound of the Tabernacle Choir singing Christmas carols in the background, we talked, laughed and decorated cookies.


It is always fun seeing the creativity of each family member come out during activities like this one.

In the end we ended up with MANY trays of decorated cookies…enough for our family plus plenty more to share with neighbors and those who could use a Christmas pick-me-up.


It wasn’t a “typical” Sabbath Day, and we missed being able to worship with our church family, but it ended up being a blessed, holy day, and just the thing our family needed.


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